Bele Parihara list 2022 Payment Status! Karnataka Bele Prihara Report

Bele Parihara List 2022 | Bele Parihara Payment Status 2022 | Bele Parihara Beneficiary List 2022 | Bele Parihara Karnataka List 2022 Bele Parihara Application Status 2022

Bele Parihara List 2022 and Payment Status can check online. Karnataka Agriculture Crop Loss Farmers Report District or Village Wise check. Agriculture plays vital role in contributing to the economy of any nation and it also adds to the country’s gross value. Bele Parihara Report in Kannada So, recognising its importance, there are many steps taken by the government in order to develop a sustainable development in agriculture. Most importantly we must not forget the person who performs this activity, that is the farmers who plays a vital role for agriculture.

Bele Parihara List 2022

We must understand that there is no agriculture without farmers and hence we must recognise their needs as well. Most of the population of India is based on agriculture therefore there are many counter measures adopted by the government of India in order to help the farmers in time of need who face difficult situations at times of war or natural calamities and as a result fail to produce the exact required number of crops.

In this article we shall discuss about one such scheme in the interest of the farmers that is the Bele Parihara scheme introduced by the government of Karnataka. The farming states like Karnataka whose most of the population depends on the agriculture but still recognized as an unsecured sector as compared to the other states as they suffer situations like heavy rainfall or even draught which further lead to the loss of crops involving economic losses for the farmers.

Bele Parihara Payment Status 2022

So, explaining about the Bele Parihara scheme it is an initiative taken by the government of Karnataka by the revenue department of Bhumi monitoring cell and disaster management. This scheme enables a subsidy amount to be credited into the farmers bank account through Aadhaar enabled payment service for the farmers who suffer crop loss.

Bele Parihara List 2022

The Bele Parihara scheme introduced by the government of Karnataka ensures that the farmers have applied for the crop loss payment will get a direct compensation amount into their bank farmers bank account. This account is known as the AEPS that is Aadhaar enabled payment system. This system is the most secure system to which ensures secure transactions all over the India into the accounts of the farmers.

Bele Parihara Farmers List 2022

The farmers can apply for the state government scheme by mentioning the case of crop damage in which they mention their crop name, their own name and the extent of damage cost along with the economic loss they had to suffer. Also, the beneficiary details get verified by the state government before they get paid a compensation amount for the loss, they suffered into their AEPS farmers bank account.

Some key highlights for the scheme are mentioned below:

Scheme name Bele Parihara
Launched by government of Karnataka
In the interest of Farmers of Karnataka state
Official websites

Bele Parihara Karnataka List 2022

In order to check the payment status of the Bele Parihara scheme of the government of Karnataka, the beneficiary can follow the below mentioned steps:

  • Firstly, you need to visit the official website of Karnataka land records. The official website is mentioned in the table for reference.
  • On the homepage, you can find various services and there you need to click on Parihara service section.
  • After You are directed to a new page, which will be named as Bhoomi online Parihara. On the corner side, when you see the Parihara links and where all the Parihara related services are displayed like
  • Parihara payment
  • Parihara data entry
  • KSDM authority
  • NDM authority
  • data entry and progress report
  • the category wise crop loss report
  • village wise beneficiary payment report
  • taluk vice payment report

Bele Parihara Beneficary Search

  • You have to click on the first option that is Parihara payment status and you will be moved to the next page.
  • On this page, you need to enter your Parihara ID or your Aadhaar number in order to search your payment report.
  1. Option one when you click on the Parihara ID

The details you have to enter in this option are calamity type, year, the beneficiary’s Parihara ID and then after you fill the displayed captcha code in the dialogue box you can click on fetch details. Your details will be displayed on your screen. You can save them to your device.

  1. In case you opt for option two that is your Aadhaar card

Then in that case you have to add your Aadhaar number instead of your Parihara ID. Rest all the details will be the same along with the captcha code that would be displayed on your screen. When you click on fetch details, the details for your Parihara payment status will be displayed on your screen as well.

Karnataka Crop Loss Payment List 2022

In case you need to check the beneficiary payment report from the official website of Parihara

  • For that the concerned beneficiaries can directly visit the official website.
  • Then click on complete list of beneficiaries of village wise.
  • A list will be displayed on your screen and you can check how many beneficiaries were benefited in the past months or year, with this Bella Parihara scheme of the Karnataka government.
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