Big Hit Entertainment Audition 2022-23 Female/Girl BTS New Groups Name

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Grab details by going through this article carefully. There is a big announcement regarding the BHE show for 2022. According to buzz, the BigHit Entertainment add source music has now joined each other to launch Global auditions the all over world. BigHit Entertainment Girls Registration 2022-2023. HYBE Registration 2022 online. Dear friends, As we know BHE is one of the biggest platform to showcase unique singing talent. You can check all details related to Global Girl Auditions 2022 process and डिटेल्स। You can check complete information about Big Hit Entertainment Entry Form 2022 and read complete procedure about how to apply only for BHE auditions.

Big Hit Entertainment Audition 2022

BHE show specially organized to find out the new kpop group which going to debut in 2022, the show is both for boys and girls which born in between the specific age group. Read the article to know how to apply online for this show, eligibility criteria, documents required, and other details. Big Hit Entertainment Auditions can be made online or offline as per discussed by the concerned department.

Age group – 12 to 18 years old boys and girls can apply for this show, female participants can join the show from all over the globe.

Interested contenders can apply online for Bighitentertainment Auditions 2022. You can visit the official portal and submit the application form. After that official team will shortlist all the applicants.

Click Here For Audition

Countries in which auditions are organized – countries list provided below in which the global auditions are conducted.

  • Singapore
  • South Korea
  • Japan
  • Taiwan
  • Thailand
  • Vietnam

Big Hit Registration online 2022

In the following list is are the venue in which the audition will hold as per schedule.

  • Los Angeles New York City
  • Parth Singapore
  • Melbourne Australia
  • Busan, Gwangju, Oasaka, Sapparo, Taipai in South Korea
  • Seoul South Korea
  • In Japan Tokyo and Kaahsiung
  • Hanoi, Bankong
  • HO CHI Minh in Vietnam

Udan Panam New Registration 2022

Show Big Hit Entertainment
Categories Singing, Acting, Modelling
Auditions KPOP Auditions 2022
Official portal,
Age Group 12 to 18 years
For Boys and Girls
Registration Big Hit Entertainment 2022 Registration online
Schedule Big Hit Entertainment Audition Schedule 2022

Big Hit Auditions in India 2022

Get more details about auditions and the registration process for HYBE (formerly Big Hit Entertainment) is a Seoul, Korea-based music company that is home to global K-pop superstars, BTS. The company revealed its new identity as a part of a bigger entity called HYBE. Check HYBE Audition 2021 online.

HYBE Bighit Music
HYBE Bighit Music

Categories –

Singing – The first category is singing and participants need to make video recordings of their singing or rapping. Along with a full-frontal photo of participants needed during the audition.

Modeling – In this section participants need to submit PR videos along with photographs. In which one is a frontal body shot and one is a headshot. And in the video is basically an introduction video about yourself. This means you have to give an introduction about yourself.

Big Hit Entertainment Entry Form 2022

Acting – Candidates need to submit reacting videos with their two photos. Also need two photos, one photo is full body and one is headshot.

Check online

Big Hit Entertainment Auditions in India 2022 – 

  • To give your audition online, you have to visit the official portal, Click on link.
BTS Family website
BTS Family website
Bighit Music apply online 2021
Bighit Music apply online 2021
  • After that registration page will open in new tab.
  • Enter asked details like email ID and click on verification email button.
  • Within few minutes you will get an email, to verify your email you have to click on the verification link.
  • Then you have to complete the registration process, click on the apply for BHE auditions 2021. Big Hit Auditions Online 2021.


Big hit Entertainment Girls Audition 2022

On the registration page, your email is already filled, choose the audition type, that is available on the official portal.

Bighit Music Audition 2021 girls
Bighit Music Audition 2021 girls

Next, choose the performance category, you have to choose in between vocal rap, dancing, acting, and modeling.

After that choose the place of birth and fill date of birth

You have to provide your social media account ID, height details, and other information.

Upload your photo in JPG, PNG, gif format only. The size of the photo is not more than 20 MB.

After that upload your audition video, size not more than 100 MB. Also, click on the A agree on the privacy policy of the show and click on the “Submit” button.

Now your registration process is completed and the official team will contact you in case of application is accepted.

Stay online to know about reality shows and schemes in India. For more queries related to bighitmusic show just write in the comment box.

884 Comments on “Big Hit Entertainment Audition 2022-23 Female/Girl BTS New Groups Name”

  1. Hi sir
    My name is kaish
    And I am from Punjab India
    And I am good at dancing and little bit in singing
    And I also like KPOP my
    favorite group is BTS
    And I want give audition in BIG HIT ENTRAINMENT company

  2. Hello,
    My name is chandni kumari
    I’m 14 years old
    I can sing, rapping, modeling and acting
    I’m not well in dance

    Thanks you

  3. hi, my name is Ankita. I’m from India. I’m born in 2003.l love singing. I can speak English, Hindi and Gujrati. I’ll learn in Korean language.

    1. Hi my name is Dilpreet Taak i am 12 year old i can dance sing i can do modelling and i am good at acting i can do rapping i would really like to audition select me big hit in live in Delhi India
      Thank you

  4. My name is shrishti I am 12 years old and i am best of dance,singing, rapping, modeling
    And i live in india ,delhi
    And love kpop and bts 💜💜💜

  5. Hi Sir and Gentlemen
    I’m Muller
    I’m from Myanmar
    I can singing and dance
    Thank you

  6. I am 13 years old.
    I love singing and dancing
    My name is Avika Sharma
    I am from India
    I am inspired from BTS

  7. Hi
    I am Noor
    From Pakistan
    I am 17 years old
    I want to do auditions in bighit
    I am good at singing
    I am good at dancing
    I can modeling

    1. Hello I am Raghda I am 12 years old I am good at dancing I am good at singing I am from Pakistan I am want to do night audition
      I can modeling

  8. Hello, I’m Vivien. I’m 16 years old. I’m from Germany. My birthday is 2005/11/24.
    I’d like to audition in Big Hit and I’d be glad to be selected.
    I can sing in German, Polish and English.
    I love to sing, I can rap, I can also do modeling.
    And I always sing my favorite songs. Please give me a chance to proof that I can do anything.

    1. Hy
      I am pratima sahoo
      From India🇮🇳 (odisha)
      My age in18 year (08.06.2004).
      Am I good for dance with modeling.
      I want to audition t bighit entertainment industry from kpop idol.
      give me one chance I have proof that in my best .

    1. Hi i am ANUSKA from India
      Age-12 I can do anything dancing singing modelling rapping and an all rounder you will be proud on yourself and myself if you will take me in the group
      Thank you

    I AM 17 YEARS OLD 2005 /06/22

    1. Hello I’m Kia
      Overall, I’m here because I Want to give my audition, and I can do everything in music…
      I’m from India……

  10. Hi my name is Brenda,am from an African country (Nigeria).Please I know this audition are for only Asians but please I want to become are K-pop idol, it has been my dream since I was addicted to k-pop songs,am only a 16 year old girl, I can be a trainee if u choose me for this audition. I can dance very am a dancer and sing in my school and I would love to be in bighit entertainment. just give me this opportunity to prove myself to you guys.

  11. Annyeong naneun amreen
    I am from India I am 12 and
    as I was been searching for audition to be a kpop idol
    as I’m sure u would love my singing style and I’m good at dancing as I love both (dancing, singing) so i would be grateful to u if u give me a chance.

  12. Hi My name is mehak I’m from Pakistan and I’m 14 year,s old I love singing and dancing k_pop idol..

  13. Hi my name is manvika purohit l am 15year old l love kpop song and like to it when listen the kpop that I can’t stop my self I start jumping at home and thank you please give me a one chance 😄

  14. Hi , I am Dishani meena
    I am from India’s Rajasthan
    Age – 12
    Height -152 cm.
    49 kg
    I want to be k pop star my category is dance and singing and its my dream in 10 year age

  15. hi
    its me Angel
    i wants to be A Tranee in kpop i am from india my age is 12 and i can dance rap sing vocal infact i know 4 languages and i am in 7th class i want to be a tranee so pls pic me
    age 12
    india , delhi

    1. Hello 🖐
      My name is mehak
      I’m from Pakistan I love singing and dancing idol job please contact me… I’m 14 year’s old

  16. Annyeong~

    Due to my respect I would like to inform you as you are the one who form this entertainment. My dream was to become a K-pop but I was searching in the internet how to become one of the star in Korea but I can’t find. So I want to inform can you please take an audition for me I know that my voice will not be good but I have a talent to dance and modelling. Every night before I sleep I used to think how to be a star in Korea but it’s make me cry alot that I can’t find. But if I saw this entertainment my heart flutter. This is not just a word but it’s really touched my heart to be a K-pop. I’m from Indian sta Meghalaya.

    1. Hi I’m mangeshwori sharma Im 13 years old I’m from Nepal I want to be a kpop star because I’m big fan of Korea because I love their fashion, food their culture ,their people , their tradition .

  17. Hello my name is Aanchal Yadav
    My age 14
    I’m good singer and dancer
    I was very fond of singing and dancing since childhood my dream is to be a kpop idol i hope you give me a chance If you want to give me a chance then inform me thank you

  18. Hi
    My name is sakina
    My age is 15
    My dream is k pop
    And i am good dance and singing🎤and i love ❤ kpop🥰🥰🥰

    1. My name is Aradhya Singh
      I am 12 year old I from India in Bihar
      My dream is a k-pop idol select me

  19. Hello sir, I am Tamanna, I am 16 yrs old, I want to be a k-pop idol in Big Hit entertainment, It’s my dream ,I can sing ,and i can dance ,so please give me a chance, That’s it.

    1. Hey I’m vedika from India and I’m only 18 now I’m also a professional dancer and model and singer too I’m making a kpop group I’m looking for some girl to join us

      1. I am 16 yrs old and I also love singing and dancing. And also wanted to be a k-pop idol . I want to join this group.

  20. Hii i’am falak
    I’am from India
    I’am 14 years old 2008
    And I have a dream of kpop
    Idol and i can dance
    I can sing
    I’am obsessed with kpop
    Idol 😊 i would request
    To give me a chance

    1. hello, my name is Yashica am from India Delhi I have been learning dance for 6 years my age right now is 13 even I want to be a k-pop star I have loved to sing since I was 5 I hope to become an Idol too, in Big hit entertainment. I hope so to get selected in big hit.

  21. I am boy and i want to be a BTS members in 2022 i have ability to sing dance and acting so i want to become in your army I request to you give mi chance and the you will see my performance you will impress and i am from India and like BTS i love BTS in my whole body BTS is spread like my blood my heart is BTS i request give me a chance.
    Your Indian fan and next members of BTS.

  22. Hlo my name is Amalendu
    I from India
    and it’s my dream
    I can dance
    I can sing
    I know Korea
    Give me a one chance
    I hope you can accept my request
    DOB: 2008
    Age: 14

    1. Hii my name is Rohita and I’m from India I really want to be an k pop idol . I like dancing the most . now I’m 16 my DOB 26 – 5 – 2006 .Give me one chance .

  23. 안녕하세요 빅히트엔터테인먼트 우선 이 오디션에 감사드리고 케이팝 아이돌도 하고 싶습니다. 제 이름1은 인도의 라다 트리파티입니다.저는 13 그리고 제 생년월일은 2008년 10월 10일입니다. 노래도 잘하고 춤도 잘 춥니다.네 저도 모델링 잘해서 빅히트 엔터테인먼트에 합격하게 된다면 큰 기쁨입니다

  24. Hallo ,my name in Parbati Soren from India West Bengal.I know dance and I want to be a k-pop member.I am 16 year old.

  25. My name is Tanu, I am I7 years old ,i’m from India I’m from Hinduism religion I follow my religion so that I’m pure vegetarian. it is really difficult to survive there in Korea for very vegetarian person . I speak hindi and I can understand English but can’t speak . I can dance but I am a little fat , I can sing song but can’t write and also my skin colour is dark .now u can tell me am I able to become an idol in so many difficulties if yes , plz reply me .By the way , it’s my dream and passion to become a k-pop idol I can do everything like learning korean and Korean music and culture I’ll do a lot of hard work to become an idol.

  26. Hlo, sir my name is suman .i am from India and it’s my dream to become a k-pop trainee. I am good at singing and modelling. I am not good at korean but i am learning, hope you can accept my request and tell me the time of audition.
    Age: 17
    DOB: 12, Apr.2005

  27. Hlo big hit. My name is Jaismeen. I am 13 years old. I live in India. I am good at singing and modeling. But I can’t wear short dresses. I hope you can understand. I can’t speak Korean but I’m learning. I can speak Hindi and English very well. I hope you will give me chance. My wish is to become K-pop soloist.
    Thanks 😊😊

  28. Hello ma’am/sir
    I am akanksha . And I live in kasganj I really want to become a k pop idol I am good in dancing and singing. If you give a chance to me I am really thankful to you. My age is 14 years maam

    1. Hi …this is pari …from India …i want to be a kpop star I’m good at dancing and I’m a rapper too ….i am 14 yrs old ….nd i can speak korean fluently .. bighit i want to be a kpop star ..

    2. Holl my name is Priyanshi. My age is 14my dream is k-pop and I am good dance and singing ,and I love k-pop my dream k-pop

      my dream is k-pop and singing and dancing

  29. Hellow,
    I’m Gagani Kemindi from Sri lanka.
    I’m 13 years old.
    I like to be a kpop idol and I’m good at singing,acting but i learning dance in these days.
    I want to apply big hit audition can you send 2022 audition that held on after june.


    2. Hello mam or sir my name is Trisha and I’m born 2009/10/31 now my age is 12 and I’m India wast Bengal kolkata jagadal know same korean language because I learn a app app name is learn korean and im good at dancing singing and modelling …

    3. Hi my name is Trisha and I’m form India West Bengal kolkata my age is 12 and I’m good at dancing singing … I know some Korean language i can learn a app i want become a kpop artist i love south korea and korean culture i deserve it
      Te amo 💜……

    4. Hello BHE I am priyanshu. I am a good singer. But I am not good dancer. But I am also work so hard. join me k pop.


    5. Annanghaseyo my name is jannat unnesa I am from India and my age 13+ i can dance well and sing good songs but i don’t know rap that much so can i become a pop idol

  30. Hello Big Hit I am from India and I am good at dancing and singing but I am not good rapper but I worked hard so I want to be a kpop idol
    My name is Anshika
    I am 12 year old
    DOB:- 2009

    1. I am Alina
      I am 12 year old
      I am an indian
      Hi sir or maam i am good singer dancer and raper i want to be a k pop idol it is my passion and amy dream i want to achive this i sm an indian i dont know how to speak korean but i speak hindi and english very well i do danceing and singing i a very good manner but i unable to wear short dresses but i think to see telent i am slim trim i want to give audition i hope you received my message i will do the hard work

  31. Hi sir, I’m Sravani.
    I’m from India.
    I’m 16 years old.
    I’m good at singing and dancing
    I hope you’ll me chance
    Thank you.

  32. Hi Big Hit I am from India l want to become a K-pop Idol I am good at rapping and singing but I am not that much good dance but I am practicing and I am healthy also but I’m start doing exercises to lose weight.
    My name is Anushka
    Age- 13
    Dob- 2008
    I am good at modeling too.💜

    1. Hello, sir my name is Tanya Rewani I’m from india and It’s my dream to become a Kpop trainee I’m good at dancing, Singing and rapping I’m good at modelling too . I’m not too good at korean but I’m learning , hope you can accept my request and tell me the time of audition
      Age: 12
      Dob- 2009
      Thank you

    2. I am from India I want to become a k-pop idol I am good in dancing and singing but I am not that much good rapping but i practicing my name is naina

    3. Hello big hit entertainment i am Aradhya i am from India uttar pradesh i can dance, singing, acting and modeling i want to become k-pop idol it’s my dream i can do very hard work in my training.
      Born: 2009

  33. Hello, sir my name is Tajshree pawar
    I am from India and I’m now 16 years old I hope you tell me the time of the audition day and I want to participate in this audition so I will start my preparation I hope you will answer me Thank you sir…🙏

    1. Hi sir my name is saleha iam india telangana state Hyderabad iam good in belly dance and normal dance and singing
      My age is : 13
      Dob: 2008
      I will do my 100% in online audition Thanks sir .

  34. Hi my name ,s khyati i am 14 year,s old i am indian pronoun dincing singing acting modlling and producer this comes i am learning korean language i am future then good koop idle then i am so hard working i join Koop industries then come sola its my dream thank you so much.

  35. Hello
    My name is pihu kumari
    I am 15 years old
    I am from India
    I am song writing it’s my hobe : rap ,romantic emotions, and love type
    But my singing is few weak
    Dance: hip hop, popping, belly and India types dance
    My meddling 4/5 point good
    My action 2/3 point good
    And my dressing scene is 5/5 point good and I want make k-pop idol this is my biggest dream in my life 💜

  36. Hallo my name is Olivia Dhar I am bone in 2011my year is now 10 but in South Korea my year is 11and I have 5 month 12 day then my year is 12 I am really good In dance In singing If I practice more then I am realy good in singing I really want to join in k pop I am regularly pray to God if I go to South Korea and join in K pop but If I go and join in K pop then my year is 24 so I really want to you celacket me Thank you

  37. I am Komal Chauhan.
    I am 11 years old.
    I am from Uttar Pradesh, India.
    I can do singing, rapping, and dancing very well.

  38. Hello sir/mam good morning
    I am amreen and I am 12years old i love kpop since 2021 i has been one year since i love kpop and seeing the idols performing and their singing i has become my dream to be in kpop as a idol i love it if big hit choose me for audition i can rap well and dance good and my voicals are good i promise i will work hard for my dream
    Thank you sir/mam

  39. Hi
    I’m Risha
    I’m from India Kerala
    I’m 15 year old
    I want to the bighit entertainment audition
    I can good at dancing, modeling and singing
    Plase selecte me
    Thank you
    Bighit Entertainment

  40. Hello sir
    My name is arifa Shaikh
    I am 12 year old
    I am born 2010 march 2
    I am Good a dancing and singing and little bit of rap
    I am from India Mumbai

  41. Hello Bighit
    I am Akansha,
    From New Delhi India
    I want to give a online audition , I am good in dance and little good in singing. So, please can you give me one chance and tell me what is the process of online auditions , what are rules and etc.

    1. Hello, I want to audition to become an idol, im a good in dance and singing but im not good a little bit rap.
      If i can pass the audition i promise that i will hard work and a lot of improvements. And if i cannot pass in audition i will continue till my dream come true.

  42. My name is Clara
    I am from France
    If i want to pass my audition it’s to realize me dream of becominf a kpop idol.
    I love to sing and dance but can’t rap, that’s one of my difficulties and i love kpop

  43. hi im sameeha im 12 i might be young but i dont look like a 12 year old nd im good at singing i can do high notes, if you guys give me a chance i can prove myself..

  44. Hi, My name is Jeong Da-hyeon, but i like when people call me Min Young-Joon
    Born: December 27, 2002
    I was born in south korea but when I was five years old i was adopted into a nepali family and from there I moved to the U.S.A ………………
    I’m also a good singer, I can dance right away if I learn it, and I am a good actor. I don’t know if you’ll take me and I don’t know if this is real

  45. Namaste 🙏 I am Nancy Sisodia from India 🇮🇳!. I am 12 years old and I am good at dancing and singing. I can do a little bit rap also . I really want to be a kpop idol. And only you guys can support me .
    Thank you to make my dream come true . ! 💜💜💜

  46. Hi everyone one :
    My name is vikashini.
    From when I was small i always wanted to make others happy because seeing and knowing that their smiles that was made by me was the happiest feeling I felt. I like all of bighit entertainments’ idols equally because all of them helped me move on and get better or improve at what I like even when no one supported me because everyone around me thinks my dream of standing on that stage and putting smile on everyone’s face and giving them hope and comfort like u guys gave me was impossible but I will make it possible .Thus my dream is to become a singer because I feel myself it in and I feel like I can never live without music . When I have passion in something I work very hard to reach that goal and I will work very hard to become myself at my best and more in the world of music. Thank you 😊

  47. 🙌Aniyo, I’m Ichchha from India 🇮🇳I know my name is unique and I want me and my elder sister to be as unique as my name We are good at singing, dancing and expert in acting we are still practicing and our dream is to become a kind and famous kpop idol like BTS and TXT though we are trying to give auditions we have a issue Our parents are unsuportive 😭But truly we want to become a kpop star as south korea 🇰🇷🇰🇷is our dream destination 💜💜👧👧

    1. Hi my name is rakhi and I am from India and my dream is being a kpop idol. I born in 2007 and my age is 14. I am good in singing, acting. But I am trying to better dance. If you are trained me I give my best

  48. Hi everyone 👋
    My name is Sakchi Singh
    I am 13 years old
    I am from India Gujarat
    I can do Dancing Modelling and Acting
    I can try to better singing
    Because my voice is loudly
    But I can do Dancing better
    My dream become a Kpop idol so please select me

  49. Hi my name is Abigail
    I’ve always dreamed of becoming an idol with my friend ever since the debut of BTS and TXT because they really inspire so much to do great things in life

  50. Hi my name is Abigail
    I’d love to become a idol since bts’ and TXT’ debut I absolutely love them I know how to dance sing and rap

  51. Hello my name is Aradhana it’s a unique name isn’t it. I am from India, born in 2004 . Honestly I am not that good at dancing or singing but if u train me i assure u that i gave my best and u never regret that u choose me. In simple words I am very hard working. if u give me chance than I assure u that i never put steps backs against the hardworking. Thank u .

    1. I am same as you but I want to make a group of girls like us nd talk to them nd try together it will be very easy for us so can I have ur no:?

      1. Let we try together
        My dream is become a k-pop artist. We make a indian girls group we dance together and we will post in youtube one day we will be famous
        Thank you 💜✨

  52. This letter with a lot of patience to big hit entertainment group
    I am from the cultural country India . I started my journey of dance when I was four years old and at the age of 13 i get to know about k-pop idols and I also wanted to be one of them . I am currently 15 years old I wanted to show you all my dance performance and rapping skills . I know there are millions of people signing to the biggest k-pop group for being an idol and I am one of them . Everything is on you . You will check my skills and later will decide i can join the group as a member or not
    Yours truly
    Vaishnavi singh From India

  53. Hello sir ,
    My name is Alisha khan my age is 14 _______ 15 soon in this July
    I’m from India
    I’m great at vocal music
    And best at raping
    I want to be a k-pop star
    It’s my biggest dream
    My dance is so good , best better , I can dance like
    Hip hop
    Break dance
    I can also do flips and
    I also like modelling my social media accounts is good but not best
    But I wil make
    My requesting you please make my dream in reality
    I want to be a k-pop idol I hope you understand my feelings 😶

    1. Hello
      My name is kushwa Thakur
      I am from (Jammu)Jammu Kashmir. I’m 17 yrs old. I’m good at dancing, singing and little bit rapping. I wanna be a k-pop idol so please give a chance. I will give my best.
      Thank you.

      1. Hello big Hit l am janhvi pandey from India l can do dancing and 16 year old

  54. Hi ! Sir /madam I want be a k pop idol that’s my dream . My name is mithula.s from karur, Tamil nadu . I’m 14 years old .I can sing , dance .I believe you .l want to the bighit entertainment audition

        I’m good in vocal
        I really want to be a k-pop idol
        I’m 11 years old now(in international)
        Date of birth-23 october 2010.

  55. Hi my name is Bhavana.
    I was born on 2006 November 23 my age is 15.
    From India Karnataka state Bangalore.
    I am good at dance a vocaling.
    I need one chance and I will not let it go waste believe me.

  56. Hlo sir /medam give me one chance my name is P Anu age 15 old lam Indian form Telangana state Nalgonda distict

  57. Hi sir,
    I’ am Neha form India Ahmednagar (Sangamner)
    I Want To The Big hit Entertainment Audition.
    I Can Dancing And Singing.
    This My Details :
    Name : Neha Kadu
    Gender : female
    Age : 15 yrs old
    Height : 5 feet 3 inch
    Weight : 47 kg
    Dath Of Birth : 1 September 2006

  58. Hi santhoshi D Joshi 15.07 2005 born in nepal and iam present in karnataka india acting and model i like in singing and dance all so thank you

  59. Hello
    I’m himanshi I’m 15 years old
    I’m from india delhi
    I want to give Audition in big hit entertainment
    I can do dancing , vocal singing …………

  60. Hi… I’m Nethuli
    I’m 13 years old…
    I from Shi Lankan
    My dream is good kpop female idol…
    Can I help ???

  61. My name – alveera khan
    I born in -9-8-2007
    I am from India Rajasthan ramganj Mandi
    I want give audition in Big hit entertainment and I am good at singing and dancing i love Big hit entertainment that why I want give audition in Big hit entertainment

  62. Sir / madam i respect you but i know you have a heart .. I have no brother it’s because I grow up in my own house and I have a sister can you give me a chance

      1. Hi i am alisha pandey
        I am from nepal
        I am 14 years old
        I am a good singer dancer

  63. Hello I am riya Joshi one chance in l am good singer dancer and rapper in two award winning in jhansi l am live in brawasagar

  64. Respect
    My name is Sakchi Singh
    I am 13 years old born on 2009
    I am from India
    I can do Dancing, Modelling and Acting
    I can give my best in Big Hit Entertainment audition for K-pop idol selection
    My dream to become a Kpop idol give me a chance to Kpop idol

    Thank you

  65. Hi sir
    Myself Anushka vaishnav
    I am 15 years old
    I am from India(Uttra pradesh)
    I have good vocal and I am good in singing and dancing
    I want to give my best in big hit entertainment audition

  66. Hi!
    My name is Dolli. This year I will be 15 years old. I am an Indian. It’s my dream to join hybe. I am good at modeling and i can also rap.

    1. Hi my name is chennie and I’m 13 years old I’m born in 2009 and I really want to become a k pop idol sins 2018

  67. Hi, I’m Utprekshaa Rupaal. I am also wanting to audition for Bighit. I’m 17 years old. I can dance and sing really well.

  68. I’m Isabel. I’m from Gainesville Georgia. I’m 12 years old. My dream has been to be a K-Pop Idol because from all my ethnicities I love the Korean part of me. I’m an Asian Mexican American. It’s weird for people because my parents are pure Mexicans so doctors don’t know how this can to me. I am good at many stuff, my family members here you’ll say I have a lot in common with Jungkook from BTS but I’m really not sure, because my mom doesn’t like me to hear k-pop music. To this, I don’t know who Jungkook is. But the question I have for yall is that any way that I’m 12 and I am practicing and doing everything to become a k-pop idol would it be fine if I did my audition until after 18 years that I don’t need permission from my parents to audition?

    Here are my ethnicities according to my doctors:
    25% Korean
    25% Mexican
    25% American
    5% Chinese
    5% Japanese
    5% Italian
    5% British
    5% Egyptian

    Thank you For Your Time Big Hit Entertainment Members
    Isabel Fuerte Cruz

  69. Hey,
    I’m Priyasha
    I’m from India but I live in the US
    I’m 13 years old
    I really want to audition for HYBE, its been a dream of mine for years
    I can sing, and dance pretty well

  70. I’m R.Krishnaveni
    I’m 14 years old and am from Kerala
    I’m good at vocals but if you give me a chance I swear I’ll do my best in the audition.It is my dream to join audition under bighit entertainment

    1. Namaste, hello! My name is Aastha Gurung ( 17yrs old girl) from India (Himachal Pradesh) . I am good at singing, dancing and also very good at acting .Thank you!

  71. Hi,
    I am kelzang dolkar from Bhutan
    I want to take part in bighit entertainment
    I am 18 years old
    I can rap and dance
    I started staning kpop since 2016,they inspired me to show my talent and I really want to take part on it
    Thank you

  72. Actually,
    i forget to say about the details. Here it is:
    Name: Wardah Iqbal
    Gender: Female
    Age: 16 yrs old
    Height: 5 feet 5 inch
    Weight: 48 kg
    Religion: Muslim
    Place of birth: India (Bihar)
    D.O.B: 11th December 2006

    …These are my details…

    1. Hi my name prachi jogdand
      Gender: female
      Age:13 yra old
      Height:5 feet 3 inch
      Weight:47 kg
      Place of birth: India (
      D.O.B:13 November 2008

      1. Hello, My name is muskan
        I am 17 years old
        I am from India (faridkot) I want to give audition in bighit entertainment

  73. Annyeonghaseyo,
    My name is wardah iqbal. I’m 15 years old and i live in India (bihar), i want to give audition in bighit entertainment because i wanna be an idol too and show my talent that how good i’m in singing although, I can prove you. I know the circumstances and rules as i’m muslim girl…
    Thank you

  74. Hi Sir
    my name is Rohvita and I’m a girl
    I’m from India but I live in the UK
    I want to be a K-pop idol that is my dream
    so I have a question can I choose both singing and dancing, I want to do both ,and if yes I promise I will work really hard to archive it but will need some training by dance and singing professors.
    I’m really good at dancing and ok at vocal. I also want to learn to rap because I am not good at it.


  75. HI I’m thamodhi nathasha. and i’m from sri lanka.. i want to be a kpop idol after seeing bts,txt,enhypen.. and also i can dance,modeling.. but im not good at vocals. if you train me i will try my best..

  76. Hi sir,
    My name is Kim Rebecca
    I’m from India (Mumbai)
    And I want to be a k-pop idol.
    So the question is can I choose both the categories like, singing and dancing ??
    Bec i want to go for both
    And if Yes so how to do that can u pls help me with this sir??

    Thank you 💜

  77. Hi mam/sir My name is Krittika Roy.I want to be addition in BIGHIT ENTERTAINMENT.I am14 year’s old .I am from India Kolkata.I am well in singing but I am not very well in dancing but you can train me I am do my best.

  78. Hi I am Krittika from India ,Kolkata.
    I am 14 year’s old. I want to addition in BIG HIT ENTERTAINMENT. My singing is well but dance is not very well but you can train me so I am do my best.

  79. Hi this is Samriddhi from India I am 12 year old after seeing BTS , Black pink, TXT and other Idols I want to be an K-pop I will try my best. I am good in dance but not in vocal that much but if you train me I will do my best sir/ma’am. I want to be and Idol.

  80. Hello bighit entertainment my age is 14 years I born in India 2008 I want to take part in audition I want to take part, I am a dancer, singer, type of model

    1. Hi sir
      My Name is Gurujot. I am from India 🇮🇳. I am 13 years old. I want to become a kpop idol its my dream. I like dancing and acting. I can speak English and Korean speaking I am learning. I love bts I am an army. My dream is to become a kpop idol.
      I wish if I get selected for the auditions then I can do more well.
      Thank you

      1. hello sir my name is sanavi Dhananjay more Patil from India I want to become a kpop Idol my age is 12 so would you help me

  81. 선생님 저는 인도에서 왔고 한국어를 조금 할 줄 압니다. 저는 제 꿈인 케이팝 아이돌을 만들고 싶습니다 온라인 지원을 해주세요 제발 선생님 우리 관심이 있어요 제발 선생님

  82. Aennyong haseong vanshika immida
    I’m from India,(punjab, Jalandhar)
    I wanna be a k-poper from bighit entertainment audition

    1. Hii. My name is riddhi chandarakant surti.
      I am from India in Gujarat from surat.
      I am 14 old year girl.
      it’s my dream so select me for big hits..

    2. Hollo
      My name is Susama paik
      I am for India
      My city name Kolkata ,dankuni
      I have Korean languages and English
      I am very good dancer.
      I have been first in school dance competition many times.
      Like photo shoot and singing to write songs.
      And yes no matter what happens, I newer loose never give up.
      My dream kpop idol.
      I like to dreama and make it come true.
      My Heights 165 cm.
      My weight 30kg.

    3. hello bighit entertainment, Chahat here, I am 12 years old, I want to became an idol, my hobbies are dancing singing ,acting I can dance well, My dream is to became an idol,

  83. i am good at rapping i am from India Mumbai and my height is 5 2 age is 13 weight is 30 i can improve my rapping skills but i am good at rapping if you choose me i can really improve my rapping . Next i am good at dancing that too i can improve till the big hit contract and last of singing i am good at it like a vocalist singing i dont want to say i am the best at every thing but i am good at rapping from all of these i am being honest i work really hard and i am not saying i am really good but i will really do more than you expect from me and about speech and discipline i have it all in me i can be mature and childish when it is time for it and if i get selected i will never lose hope and will always be a really sporting spirit for all the members

      1. Hi I am Asmitha I am coming from India I am reality Indian I am 13 year old my weight is 49 kg my height is 165 cm thank you

  84. Hello,
    my name is NUR RAIHANAH and i’m islam/muslim
    i’m from MALAYSIA, sabah
    I’m 13 years old
    My height 154

  85. Hi sir/mam My name is Jeshika Rawal.
    I am 15 years old.
    I am from Nepal.
    I am good at singing, dancing as well as in acting.
    My dream is to become an kpop idol.
    Can Nepalese girl like me will be selected for kpop audition??
    I am looking forward for your decision 🙂🙂

    1. Hii sir/mam Iam Revathy
      Iam 13 years old
      I am form India
      I love kpop♥️ since my young age to & and this is my big dream become a kpop idole. Iam good at singing, dancing, and iam study to rapping. I can speak english, malayalam, hindi, tamil and i learnt to korea. Big hit is my favorite company. Iam an indian girl. I want to be an inspiration to the rest of indian girls. That’s why I choose this. Iam waiting for your reply.

    2. Hi,my name is Riya Kumari and l live in Jamshedpur
      I’m 13 years ago i am good on singing, dancing as well as acting .
      My dream is become a kpop idol . Indian girls are selected
      In kpop idol??

  86. Name :- Amina binth navab jan
    Age :- 13
    From :- India,kerala
    I am good at singing, dancing, and acting.
    I would like to participate in this Big hit audition.

      1. Hi 🥰🌹
        My name is Neeta and I wanted to be a kpop singer and I can sing Korean songs and I am dancer give me one chance I will show it
        Thank you 😊😊😊😊😊

  87. Hi sir,
    I am Amina binth navab jan and i am 13 years old and i would like to participate in this Bighit Entertainment audition for acting and dancing.I am coming from india,kerala. can you let me participate this audition 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻.

  88. Hi sir
    My name is Masooma fatima
    I am from India UP
    I am 12 years old
    I would love to BIG HIT audition for modeling acting dancing singing I really love to participate in audience 🙏🙏

  89. Hello Sir
    I am Anshika
    I am 13 year old
    I am good at dancing and singing🎤 I want to be a kpop idol 🙏🙏

  90. I am Priya Gupta my current age 14 l want be k-pop idol and my singing dancing acting with rap is excellent so give me one chance.

  91. Hello my name is
    Mahi chandra.
    And I am from India
    My age 15 years old and
    I want to the bighit entertainment audition
    I can singing

  92. Hi, my name is Michaela Donátková, I live in Czech Republic, Iam 12 years old, I can sing and dance.My dream is to become kpop idol🤍.
    (I am girl)
    And I can speak czech, english and german✨

  93. Sir I am talking in English and some Korean language
    I’m good in modeling too sorry for I forget to tell in my comment 🥺

  94. im from Austria and can rap, dance very well i´ve been dancing for 3/5 years… and i forgot to write in my first commend that i can also Modelling- and sing but i can rap better.! Im doing sport and can act very well if Austrian boys or girls can join but i will give it a try- Thank you!

  95. Hi Sir,my name is Lisha Mangam I’m from India, Arunachal Pradesh,
    I’m 13 years old
    I’m good at dancing, singing and
    I like kpop and Bighit entertainment That’s why I want to join this company

  96. Hello sir…
    My name is Meshalini
    I am 12 years old
    Im from Thailand
    Born in Malaysia
    Im good in rap, dancing and singing
    I can speak english, korean, malay, tamil and chinese…
    But i good at english and korean
    Tq sir for this chance.. Lot of person took part in this audition… But the lucky person will be choose……

  97. hello
    my name is Yasna but call me Emma
    i’m from Iran
    i’m 12 years old
    My dream is to be an idol of Kpop
    amd i want to come big hit because big hit company is very good

  98. Hi sir
    I’m Prakriuthi Sarkar
    From West Bengal, Murshidabad,
    I’m 17 year’s old
    I want Big Hit Entertainment auditions
    I can dance,sing,model and act
    I’m not fluent in korean but I know a little bit of korean
    I can speak English,(hindi, kannada, Bengali)

  99. Hi, my name is Michaela Donátková, I live in Czech Republic🇨🇿 Iam 12 years old, i can sing and dance🎼 My dream is to become kpop idol✨❤️ And I can speak English, Czech and Germany. (Iam girl)🙂

  100. Anneyong sir,
    i am Adaora
    i’m Nigerian
    i am 15
    i want to audition for big hit entertainment
    i can Sing and Model
    am learning korean and can speak english

  101. there is no option for girls.
    it is written that these for both girls and boys , but in link there is no option, i think there is mistake.
    how girls can apply, tell me i want to apply.

    1. Hello Diya,
      I have also tried to apply but as you said there isn’t the possibility for girls to apply. I might have a theory for it, hear me out, I think that there is only a certain amount of time when girls can apply, for specific reasons or special auditions/events.

  102. Hi my name is Nisha I’m from India, Gujarat I’m 15 years old , I’m good at modeling and dancing. I’m not Really good at singing but I practice for it. I really like to join BIG HIT ENTERTAINMENT Company . I always want to be K- POP artist.

  103. I am Diksha from Delhi in india . Iam 14 years old. I love singing ,dancing,and rapping. Can I apply this audition.

  104. My name is Michaela Donátková
    I live in Czech Republic🇨🇿
    Iam 12years old
    I can dance and sing
    My dream is to become kpop star.❤️

    1. İ am asude alıcı. Im 12 years old. Im from turkey. I can change my voice. I know 3 langues: turkish engilish and korean but my Korean is not soo good

  105. I am not good at singing but I can rap .My age is 13 ,I am a nice Dancer thanks for giving chance to India . I am there if you are making a girls group I thought Indian will never disappoint you THANKS YOU

  106. I am Mahima Singh from India. I’m excited to join Big Hit Entertainment family. I want to Big Hit Entertainment audition. I can dancing, singing, modelling. I’m girl. I born in 05/03/2008 and l am 13 years old. My dream to become k-pop idol.

  107. I am Priya Gupta my current age 14 my singing dancing acting with rap is excellent and I learning korean language

    1. Hello Sir/mam
      I’m medini A
      From India
      I’m excited to join Big Hit Entertainment family
      I’m good in singing, dancing
      I am girl 14 years old Birth year 2009
      My dream to become k-pop idol

    2. Hello sir/ mam
      I’m medini.A
      From india
      I’m Excited to join Big Hit Entertainment family
      I’m good in Singing, dancing
      I am girl 14 years old Birth year 2009
      my dream to become k-pop idol
      I’m Learning Korea also

      1. Hi sir/mam my name is harshita and i am an indian girl. I’m from bihar. I love dancing, singing etc. I was born on 2010 . That is my dream please select me.

    3. hello sir /mam
      I am for Indian
      I love dancing and singing
      I am 4 language . Bengali,Hindi, Punjabi ,Gujarati . and I learn for Korean language
      I am excited for Big Hit Entertainment.
      my dream to become K-pop I idol
      I am very excited.

  108. Hi !! Btw I am good in singing , dancing , acting etc. I AM ARADHYA SHRIVASTAVA FROM INDIA , UP AND FROM 5 yrs I JUST HAVE A DREAM TO BECOME KPOP IDOL.. AND I REALLY WORKING HARD ON IT… MY AGE IS 12 I WANT TO APPLY IN Big hit entertainment…

  109. Hi ! sir , I am Aradhya Srivastava from India,U.P I am girl age : 12 i want to give my Audition in Bighit entertainment .

  110. HELLO… i am Aradhya srivastava from INDIA , UP . I am girl , AGE : 12 , i want to apply in Bighit entertainment audition .
    I am good in singing , dancing and modelling …

  111. BHE I eally want to be kpop dancer but i cant take part in this audition because I´m not from India . I´m from Nigeria and I want to use this opportunity to tell you that there are alot of girls that also have the same dream as me in Nigeria,so come down to Nigeria to audition .. I can also speak hangul

    1. Yeah, it is true, I also want to audition for bighit but i am in a Nigerian. I really hope they can come to Nigeria for auditions.

  112. hola,mi nombre es Yamel,tengo 15 años,nací el 5/10/2006,soy de Bolivia,y a los 10 años vine a vivir a españa,se lo basico de ingles y un poco de frances .

    Bailo y canto.Voy a una academia de baile llamada Tersicore
    mido 1,64 y peso 49 kg,tengo el pelo negro y corto y piel palida.
    memorizo rapidamente los bailes.Me gusta trabajar en lo que me apasiona hasta llegar al punto de superacion,y mejorar cada vez mas

  113. Hello sir,
    I’am Swara Barve.
    I’am from India, maharastra , nashik.
    I’am 14 year’s old.
    I want to audition for Bighit Entertainment.
    I can Dance , Sing and Modelling.

    1. Hello my name is devyanshi sompurkar
      I am from India,(Indore) I want to be a kpop singer it’s my dream my parents are not supporting me they are pulling me back but I thought this site will help me to make my dream come true.

    2. I am also 12 years this year I also want to become k pop idol can we become k pop idol together and I am from India I have white skin I sing good.

  114. Hi !you can call me casz and i’m gonna be 12 yrs old this year, i’m from Philippines. My dream is to become one of those k-pop idols especially Black Pink. I’ve always wanted to have a chance to become a dancer and a singer, I like dancing, singing and also acting. That’s all thank you❤

    1. Heyy BHE I’m from India and i born in 3 august 2006 and now I’m 15 year.. I wanted to become a part of kpop .. I can dance, sing, act and modeling also. 💜

  115. Hello I am nan sen I am from Myanmar 🇲🇲 I am girl I am 16 years old I want to k pop singer so that i want sikill is singing and rapping my dream is k pop singer so i want k pop singer

    1. hey i also want to be a kpop star singing,rapping, and dancing its my dream as well but dont you have to speak korean or understand it to get along with your bandmates that is what im afraid of also my name is Yanelis Velazquez Tolentino my middle name might change soon to millan and im from Puerto Rico anyways i really hope you get in

    2. Hello, my name is Sisuru Matheesha and i’m 16 yeats old i’m from Sri Lanka i want audition for Bighit entertainment audition i am good singing and playing music instrument

  116. hello my name is aayushi i was in born in 2008 in India 2nd march i`m 13 years now and i have a lot of experienced in dance , singing and raping. i live in uk Birmingham nut full Indian i can speak 4 languages korean ,Hindi,Japenese and Punjabi i am the oldest in my siblings i really wants to do a audition in big hit is my favorite company

  117. Hi sir/mam
    I am Adhvytha MS
    I wanted to become a part of k-pop
    I can dance and act
    I have so many prize for dance and acting

    1. Hey sir mem my name is Areesha age 17
      I wanted to become a part of
      I can dance and act nodding
      I really wants to do a audition in big hit my favorite company

  118. Hi sir, My name is Giya.
    I’m from kerala, India
    I’m 13 years old.
    I want to participate in Big hit Entertainment
    I can dance, sing and rap

  119. Hello. I just want to ask one question. Why girls and boys above age 18 can’t participate in Big hit Entertainment Audition?
    Thank you

  120. You known girls big hit is for boy group audition girl group, my advice you all girls give audition ador global audition. This company is also big hit company.

  121. Hi
    I’m Atia fatima
    I am 15 year’s old
    I am a girl
    I want to apply for audition in Bighit entertainment
    I am good at dancing, singing, acting and modeling
    I wanna become a Kpop idol.

  122. Hi sir /mam my self khushwinder my age 12 I am good in single , modeling, acting, I want to become a kpop idol it my biggest dream I want I complete my form bit hit company thanks

    1. hola soy valeria montserrat soy de mexico tengo 15 años de edad quisiera tener la oportunidad de unirme a la empresa de big hit mis talentos son, bailar y cantar, quisiera tener mucho entrenamiento para mejorar en el canto mi proposito es que mi familia sepa que soy alguien en la vida

      1. Hii my name is sudharshana my age is 12 old I can dancing and I want to be join BTS group k pop idol is my dream can you give me chance to prove me. Thank you 🥰

      2. Anyongha
        seo Hi mem / sir I am Saniya I am from India-kolkata (bari masjid)and I am Muslim I can dance and singing.

  123. I also am not asian at all but according to google, there is definitly a chance as long as I have talent. My talents are singing, dancing, and modeling. I love making new outfit styles. If I don’t get into big hit then I will try to be a dresser and makeup artist for kpop groups like BTS. I love BTS.

  124. I’m Peehu I’m 17 years old
    I’m from India
    I can dance very well
    I want to be in big hit entertainment I’m good in English and working on Korean language I’m inspired by BTS
    I’m not to good in singing but my dance and expressions are good
    I will work hard
    I can improve my singing with your help and give you a good result
    Last but not least
    Fighting ✌🏻😁💜

  125. I am born in 2009/ 5 /30.
    My English language is light weak. But I will understand soon and I want to learn Korean language.
    joint me 🙏🙏🙏.
    THANKS YOU. 🙂🙂🙂

    1. Hello sir/mam
      I’m Misty Singh
      From India
      My dream to be a k-pop idol
      My age 13 year’s old
      I can dancing , modeling, acting and singing
      I want to big hit entertainment audition

  126. Hi sir.
    I,m sania yasmin.
    From India, west Bengal.
    I,m 12 year’s old.
    My hight is 5 feet 3 inches.
    I can dancing singing and modeling.
    My life dream is kpop idol.
    I want to the big hit Entertainment Audition.

    1. Hi sir/madam
      My is yashaswini
      my age is 12
      I am from India
      Modeling,, singing and acting
      My life dream is to become a kpop idol and i want meet bts

  127. I am KASHAF MIRAJ
    I am good dancer
    I am 12 years old
    I am good actor I play many roles main character especially big hit entertainment I wanna be pop star like other kpop star I am only one I have no group

  128. Hi
    My mane Diya and
    i am 14 years old.
    I am a Indian Army girl.
    I want to be a kpop idol
    an i want to be the bighit
    entertainment audition.
    I can also act.
    My dance skill is clear and cool.I know Korean language.

  129. Hi!
    I am Roomi
    I am born in 2009 ,10 january
    I am a bts army And also a blink
    I can sing song,danceAnd also modeling so give me a one chance to prove myself i would like to join big hit entertainment so, if i join then i learn korean and my English is weak But i improve it
    Thank you❤

    1. Hi
      I am Tanya.KS.
      I am 14 years old.
      I am born in year 2007.
      I am an army for a couple of years.
      I am good in my dancing skill and l am a classical dancer.
      I am fluent in English and also learning Korean.
      Its my ambition to become a kpop idol.
      I wanted to join Bighit entertainment.
      Thank you💜

    1. Hi,
      My name is Siya. I want to ask u ”can u join me with my group”.
      And most important thing that ”Where are u from”.
      I am from jaipur.

  130. Hello.
    I’m Gowri.
    I’m from Kerala ,India.
    I’m good at dancing & singing and have great leadership qualities too.
    I wish to participate in BHE audition.

  131. Hi! My name is Khushi. I’m from India and currently I live in uttar pradesh. my birth year is 2005. I would like to bighit audition for acting, singing and dancing(I’ll improve my dancing skills).

  132. Hi….. its me Mauly chaurasia
    From India…. I am pretty good classical singer and I love western music also ….. I have great interest in jazz…. i am an state level dancer…. To be honest I am not good actor but I can speak fluent English
    I am 14 yrs old girl
    If you wanna give me chance.
    Thank you

  133. Hello sir
    I am aditi kumari
    I am from India
    I am 10 year old
    I can dancing, singing, modelling, I want the big hit entertainment audition

  134. Hi,
    I am Hela Jennifer,
    Age 12,
    I can speak English. I can do modeling, dancing, singing, act. I can rap a bit, I can sing in high-pitch and low-pitch voice.

  135. Hi bighit entertainment
    I’m Vinitha from India . I know dance .but I’m not good at singing. I want to be a good singer .I love modeling. I want to prove myself .all bts songs motivate me. I want to be a kpop idol 😍 now learning Korean language cuz of bts .

  136. Hi, good morning, good afternoon, good evening! I am Ethel May Paragas I’m from Philippines I am a big fan of Bts, I can dance and I can modelling I’m not sure that I’m good at it, I can speak english, tagalog, cebuana, and ilonggo…. I know korean a little bit.. I want to audition to Bighit Entertainment. I’m only 12 years old but, I’m gonna do my best to appreciate my performance… I’m a girl and this is my favorite qoute “Effort makes you. You will regret someday if you don’t do your best now. Don’t think it’s too late but keep working on it. It may take time, but there’s nothing that gets worse due to practicing. So practice. You may get depressed, but its evidence that you are doing good.”
    ― Jeon Jungkook

    I’m like a surfer, first you just paddle and fall of the board but as time goes by you can stand up on the bigger waves.
    ― RM

    1. Hi
      My Name is Kanka Shree L. R
      Gender female🚺13 years old
      From India🇮🇳
      My dream is join to kpop idol

  137. Hi, I am Sneha from india.
    I can sing,rap and acting.
    Gender- female
    Age- 12
    I want to give audition online so If there any online so.
    Thank you.

    1. I am Priyadharshini in k-pop audition in I am joining choose to me I am good dancer an just English singing choose me my dream is doctor and kpop idol my dream.

  138. Hii Bighit I’m Anjali Pandit .I’m from INDIA. I’m 13 yrs old &I can speak Hindi English &Punjabi. I can singing modeling &dancing. I want to be a K-pop idol.

  139. Anneyonghaseo , big hit entertainment . I like singing and dancing .I am from India,Tamil Nadu .my name is Yasmin. I know hindi language . My big dream is singing . And I like kpop.

  140. name = diksha negi
    age = 16
    I can dance ,modelling and singing
    I want to the Big hit Entertainment a
    I am from India , delhi

    1. Hallo,
      My name is Ratan Singh.
      From India- Uttar Pradesh.
      I am 15 year old. And it’s my real age.
      I studying in class 10.
      I like singing, dancing and modeling also.
      So, I want only one chance. I give my best.
      Big Hit try to give me one chance to join your company.

    2. Hii, Big hit entertainment.
      I live in India.
      My name is Ankona Das.
      I am 12 year old .
      I am good in rap and acting and I know modelling.
      And I am so pretty.
      My roll no. 1 in class .
      I am first girl in the class.
      Response me .
      Thank you.

    3. You go girl .. so well , nothing is easy ..its easy when you make it easy .. I am also from India and I am 15 as you …
      I am not participating but I hope you got selected …

  141. Hi i am drashti
    I am 16 year
    I leave in rajkot from gujarat
    My dream is acting and i like acting so i want to big hit audition i can acting

  142. All girls from India if we get a chance for k-pop audition & if there are at least 7-8 girls the unity will be great. it is also possible to be a idol after BTS. So girls keep trying to achieve the best. I am also trying u all also try for it & best of luck.

  143. Hi Sir
    Name – Ayushi
    Age -11 years 2 months
    Country – India,Maharashtra
    I’ love dancing I can sing a little bit
    I’ know English,Hindi& I am learning korean
    sir give me a chance for it I will work really hard for it
    Thank you

  144. hello, sir My name is Tanya I can dancing, singing, modelling
    I am 11 years old I want to the BigHit Entertainment audition
    I am from India , north east Delhi
    I am speak english

    1. Hello Big Hit Entertaintment, My name is Gabriella Okafor.
      I am 12 years old and I want to specialize in dancing as i enjoy it so much.
      I speak english and live in the UK and would really like to seize the opportunity to join you
      good bye and have a good day

  145. Hi,
    I am Hela Jennifer,
    I am from India,
    I really love to sing, dance and modelling. I want to be a K-pop female Idol, it’s my dream, I am 12 years. I can sing in high-pitch and in low-pitch voice, I can act in MVs, one of my dream is modelling. I want to join a group. If I am selected, then I will learn Korean language.
    Thank you.

  146. Hi,
    I am Nidhi,
    I am form India,
    I am 14 years old and I really wanna audition for Hybe lables.
    But only because I’m an year younger.
    I can sing and also dance.
    And I’m waiting for another online audition so that I can apply in the audition.
    I hope you will consider my request and give a chance.
    Thank you.

  147. Hi
    My name is nahid and i am from india and iam the big fan of bts and blackpink and also iam inspired from v of bts. Iam interested in modeling acting dancing and rapper song . I speake english ,hindi, mathili ,urdu and some punjabi. Iam 15 years old and my height is 5’1. I want a ask you that yg big hit audition in india 2022 but which month and how can we apply and audition for yg big hit.

  148. Hi,
    I am 18 yers old girl
    I am vishnu vardhini.from Andhra Pradesh in India
    I am good in modeling and singing.
    I would like to become a k-pop idol.
    BTS💜is my inspiration.
    give me a opportunity for me,I would like to show my talent to the world 💜💜

  149. I want to really be a k-pop idol as it is my dream l love dancing and singing . Give me a chance l will do it ! I am Tanisha 12 year old from india

  150. Hai l am archana and sneha
    From India kerala
    I know malayalam , english, tamil
    I love k- pop 🥰
    I know dancing , singing , modeling , acting , rapping
    I love BTS ❤️😘
    Thanks ,

  151. Hello, my name is salviya mathew
    I am from India, I am a winner in singing and dancing also modelling is my side passion, if you select me i can promise you that i will work hard to become an exercellent idol
    this is my dream, one day I’ll become……

    1. Hello big hit I’m from MIZORAM I’m mizo and Myanmar I’m 14 years my dream is kpop star I’m girls. take me to kpop 2022 girls band take me to kpop band and audition 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  152. Hello Sir,
    My name is Nancy .
    I am From India (Utter Pradesh)
    I am 18 year’s old.
    I want to the Big Hit Entertainment Audition.
    I can Dancing and Singing .
    I really want to audition give me a chance.
    Thank You🙏

  153. Hey i’m vaishavi
    i’m currently living in mumbai im 12 years old
    i just have a query that the gender is male and i not able to change it to female, check me out.

  154. Hello Big Hit Entertainment,
    My Good name is Neela.
    I’am from India,Karnataka.
    I’am 15 years old.
    My cup of tea is to become K-POP Idol since I have been introduced to this beautiful World,I will work hard and will prove myself by working hard.
    I’am good at modelling and singing and even good at English[language].And can even dance and will improve.
    Thank You.

    1. Hello Big Hit
      I’m Greeshma
      From Kerala India
      Age 14
      I’m Good in dancing and singing and song writing
      If you allow me to perform I will perform and work hard
      Thank you

      1. Hi I am priya from India Uttar Pradesh I love singing ,dancing,morning,acting, rapping too I am an bts army give me one chance to show me

    2. hi l am Rebeca braga from American and l am Brazil i am 14 years old l have been dance sense I was 8 or 9 years old I really hope get in because I want help my family

  155. Hello I am Archana
    I am from India, kerala
    I am 15 years old
    I am a classical dancer
    I know malayalam,tamil,English
    I also want to be a part of your company because I want to be a special give me a chance. I am not learning dance now because of covid-19 issues but I love dance and I can sing some English songs fluently. I don’t know did you accept my request but I promise that if you accept my request after when I selected then I will work hard and do my best In front of you.

  156. And I can also play the Piano really good I have been play it seen I was in Middle school in the 6 and 7 grade. 🙂 That is my skill Talent I have with me. 🙂

    1. I am 17 years old going to be 18 next month can you tell me when Big Hit entertainment is open thank you. I want to become a Dancer A singer and a Rapper just like BTS. 🙂 Plz let me know about for Big Hit Entertainment.

    2. Drea Big Hit I just trund 18 this yar in August 10th I just made two song over the summer and I will want you to here it and alson I rap a litte bit dance a lot I love BTS, TXT, and Blackpink I and also Stray Kids I want to become themone day just like them also my birth is Augst 10 and my year is 2004.v 🙂 let me now when your opend. 🙂 Thank you.

  157. As every one as thier dream, i too have many dreams .In that pop is my big is easy thing to type comment from here ,but it is very difficult to be their. thank you

  158. Hi ,
    We are Dipti &Prapti
    We are Indian.
    We fill the big hit entertainment from,
    but gender is available for only male.

    1. Hello,
      Am tanima
      I’m from India.
      I fill the big hit entertainment
      Audition form,
      But, gender is available for only male.

  159. Hello, I’m Methuki from Sri Lanka
    I would also like to apply for this audition.
    But can I know will only Indians can apply for this?

  160. Hi sir
    I am Nikita
    I am from india , Delhi
    But I love South Korea very much
    I want to make a kpop idol
    I am 14 years old
    I am good at singing , acting , modeling

    1. Hi, my name is antara singh . I can do dance , singing and model . I am from india ( west bengal) . Thank you

  161. Anneyonghaseo!!
    I am Shweta Kailash Choudhury from Bhusawal, Maharashtra (India). I want to be a part of BTS global audition.I am too much interested in singing and dancing. My ability is that I can dance or sing in any preferred language. I can speak in 5 languages:- 1. English,
    2. Hindi,
    3. Marathi,
    4. Odia and
    5. Korean as well.
    I always wanted to be a k-pop idol and I also want to prove it. I wish my all the wishes of being a k-pop idol may come true through this audition.

    Shweta K.C. 💜

      1. Hi🙂

  162. Hello good afternoon dear Madam/Sir my name is khushi I live in Karnataka (Banglore) I can do singing specially (ENGLISH)modeling and dancing I am 12 years old
    Have a good day

      1. I m Tanya I’m from india , jharkhand I’m really good at dancing 💃 my dream is to became a k-pop idol I like kpop soo much

  163. Hello
    My name is himanshi
    I’m 13 years old
    I am good in dance singing and stunts also
    Can I apply for bighit addition offline

      1. Hello l’m manasa ago 17 years old my country India Andhra Pradesh singing and dancing to audition me Thank you 🙇🏻‍♀️🙇🏻‍♀️

  164. Hello Sir/Mam
    Myself Siddhika Sharma from India. I am 13 years old.I am not good enough at dancing but I am interested enough in singing and modelling. Bighit audition is a hope of thousands of girls and boys. Many are unable to travel to other countries where these auditions are being conducted . Lastly I would love to contest in the auditions if I would be able to.
    Siddhika Sharma
    Love from India Bantan Boys

    1. I’m also 13 yes old I know 5 languages 1 hindi 2 marathi 3 English 4 Marwari 5 Korean (lil bit) I want to apply for it but the I’m from india

  165. Hii , my name is Madhavi Sharma from india (MP)
    I am 14 year old I good to sing songs in English and I am to good in dancing and I have my dream to become a part of k-pop idol and if you give me chance I give me 100 present in become a k-pop idol and I am also good to sing high note of English songs so I am requesting you give me chance I know that their was so many people who requesting you for this 😊😊

  166. Namaste🙏 안녕하세요🙏 Our name is Isha and Nidhi and we are 15th years old, we are from kolkata “West Bengal” we are good at dancing and singing and much better in rapping, we are really thank full if we have a opportunity to an audition. Thank you….. have a nice day sir

  167. Hi I am Shwethamala. I am from India(Tamil Nadu). I am 15 years old. I can Sing and Dance. Can you keep the Audition in India. I want to Become a K-pop idol.

  168. Hi sir/madam I’m apsana
    I’m from India
    I’m 17 years old
    I can speak 4 languages
    1 . hindi
    2 . English
    3. Korean (a little bit)
    4 .Telugu
    I can sing and I can dance and modelling too.
    Thank you ☺️☺️☺️

  169. hi good morning am sonyia lamgade but everyone calls me kim sony i am 14 years old turning 15 in december 27 and my dream is to be a singer and dancer i also want to be a actor, am from nepal but i live in rochester ny. I can speak just a little bit of all these languages chinese, korean, japanese, english, nepali, hindi, and spanish and that’s all the languages i can speak a little. and that was all i hope you have a great day or time!

    1. Myself Aditi
      I am 16 year old
      I really like singing specially English songs and BTS song. give me 1 chance I not disappoint anyone I will do my best

  170. Hi sir my name is Sneha and Archana
    I am from India wayanad
    Sneha age:15
    Archana age:14
    I am good dancers and singers and actiers
    Thank you,😍

  171. Hello I am Micha Ella Abais from Philippines and I am 13 Years old and born on May 23 2008. My height is 5’2.I want to be a kpop idol and my first dream is to go in south korea and dream like a korean and try korean food like Ddukbokki Samgyeopsal And kimchi. And i want to see bts in personal.

    1. Dear sir/mam

      First thing I want to tell you that I am a boy.
      I am from India,kolkata
      I do not want to tell any lie because there is nothing to tell.
      I am not a trained singer I am not a trained dancer but I believe I can if I want and If I do this I can tell my society that k-pop is a big opportunity to make your life.

      1. Hi Anay I am a girl from
        Kolkata(West Bengal).I
        am 16 years old.I am not a professional singer but I can sing.If I
        get a chance I promise I give my best.So this is my request to Big Hit that give us a chance.If we get a chance and we establish
        in K-Pop, we can proof to all that K-Pop is a better infect a best option to a natural talent.And we also can proof to all of them who hate K-Pop.

  172. Annyeoung hasiyo,
    I am Mayuri Mandal, I am 16 year’s old, From India.
    I want to say that, I’m hear that Bangtan sonyeondan is banned soon 🙁 don’t do that to our lovely kpop idol “BTS” and give them there personal privacy this is there “ARMY’s”(Fans) humble request 🙂 .

    1. Hello, there I am Mayuri Mandal
      I can sing songs, but I am not trained singer, but I give my best, if you get me in and I am dancing too but not join any dance class but I am dancing in my home, but I am give my best, I would love to be a k-pop Idol, I am inspired by “BTS”, I am fan girl of “bangtan sonyeondan”.
      THANK YOU!!!….

    2. Hi my name is gariyoshi gogoi i am from India dhemaji i am not a professional singer and dancer but I can sing and dance good i am 12 years old I will know to speak to English and my favorite is a kpop and I know so rap and little Korean

  173. Hello Sir/mam , my name is Clara , iam 14 years old (2007) , i can sing , rap and dance too , i am from Czech republic (Brno) and i would love to be a K-Pop idol, from my childhood i always loved to sing and dance , if u get me in , i will try the hardest that i can and of course i will find every day time on practicing even when i have school 🙏🏻💖

  174. Hi sir I’m tulsi I’m 12 year I’m from uttarakhand (India) my dreaem is K-pop idol Everyone said can’t do it but I will prove them wrong is my Family is not supported me but my constraints is my dream 😊😊

    1. Hi Tulsi
      I am also from uttrakhand I have to say that I also like K-pop bands and it’s my dream to being a k-pop idol and I live in dehradun.

    2. My name is Rhysa I am an indian also but lam from Fiji you may not know about Fiji because
      It’s not in Asian group lam really interested in kpop since l was 10 and also like to sing, dance and that’s how these words describe me… I hope that
      Audition will for whole world (girls)
      I just want to show my talent to world
      THANK YOU.

    3. Hi I am Nandini Yadav and Shivika Yadav i am form Maharashtra India I am BTS ARMY girl I am born 2009 I am 13 year’s old i am speak Hindi and English I am good in singing, modeling and acting I like k pop I wish big hit entertainment select me.

  175. Hello,
    My name is Sneha Johnson from India.
    I’m 14 and good at dance and vocals.
    I will be glad to audition for Bighit.
    And I will do my best.

  176. Hi sir ,
    I am vennela
    I am from
    India , Banglore
    I am 16 years old
    I want to apply
    For the bighit auditions
    I can sing ,acting , Modelling

  177. I am Divya ,I am 13 and Iam from Uttarakhand,(India) . I want to know that how can I give my kpop audition, when and where.

    1. My name is Y. Madhavi
      I am from poor family in India.
      My parents are not supportive but i can prove my self.

    1. I’m Vibha Khunte
      I’m from Chhattisgarh,India
      I’m 13 year old
      I can sing, dance,rap, modelling and acting too.
      But, l have a problem,
      Actually, my parents is not allowed to do this.
      If you select me, than I do and I give my 200% to this.


    1. Hi sir,
      My nmae is Sindhu
      I may from India andhrapradesh
      I am good at dancing and singing and acting
      I relaly wanna become a idol I wanna train from now
      I know Hindi English Telugu and learning Korean but I can sing in Korean language

  178. Hello
    i m madhumita from ballari karnataka india
    and my dream is to become a kpop idol
    not just dream but life
    i can speak 4 languages hindi , english , gujrati , kannada , and little bit korean but i can sing songs in korean language .
    and i can sing , rap , modling , dance
    i believe in myself
    thank you

  179. I am 15 years old I want to become a kpop idol
    I am from India, Jammu and Kashmir I think I can do dance sing song and do acting and modling and I have good attitude

  180. Hi my name is Khloe Hetzel. I want to be in kpop even though I have a Mexican skin color. I can model, sing, and I am learning to dance. If I got chosen then I would perform to my best and try my hardest. I am 11 years old- I know i’m young but when i’m 12 I won’t be able to sign up because of school.

  181. Hello Sir,
    I’m Sanjana
    I’m 15 yrs old
    I can Sing, Dance and Rap
    I can speak Tamil, English and some Korean
    My dream is to become a Kpop Idol everyone said I can’t do it but I’ll prove them wrong
    I will not stop until I succeed
    I will run towards the sky until I touch the Clouds and Stars
    Thank You!!!

    1. Hello sir and mam I am Ayushi i am 13 years old and my dream is k-pop and my friend interest k-pop so i am best dance, singing and acting, modeling so thank you

  182. Annyeonghaseyo, BHE
    I’m Anjali, from INDIA. I’m 13 yrs old. I can speak 7 languages. Hindi, english, bhojpuri, Punjabi, haryanvi, Sanskrit &korean.
    My category is – singing, dancing & modeling.

  183. Hi im khloe hetzel. I am from the u.s. and I really really want to be in bighit. I am a soprano and just got into school choir. I love bts and I am learning korean. I also love singing along to kpop songs.

  184. Hello! My self Bhoomi , I’m from India, I’m 16 years old. I can dance, modeling ,and can sing, I wanted to give audition for K-pop Idol…, give me a chance and I will give my 100% .. Thank you 🙏

  185. Hi big Hit Entertainment,
    I am a simple girl from India(Kerala ). My name is Yedeedha. I am 15 years old. I loves to sing and dance from my very early age.I am a very big fan of kpop especially BTS. I loves to be in kpop industry. Until now I didn’t get a chance to sing or dance. But if you give a chance I will try my level Best. I can speak some words of korean. I can fluently speak English, malayalam and hindi. I really wants to be a kpop idol. My actual aim is not to be popular or keep money. I wants to spread a smile to the world. I can write songs and compose it toooo….

    Thank you 🙏🏻🙏🏻❣️

  186. greetings, BHE.
    i applied and it showed just for men. [나는 신청했고 그것은 남성만을 위해 보였다.]
    well, i am a female, age 15, Indian, wanting to apply for this audition and be a part of a kpop group. i promise not to let you down and do my best, please consider.

  187. Hello big hit
    My name Anusha inukonda iam from India I am good at singing I want to learn more from you I want to be an idol I don’t know how to speak in Korea but I will definitely learn it

  188. Hi my name is krupa I want to be a idol i can speak 3 language English, Korean and Japanese I’m good at singing, dancing and modeling

  189. annyeong haseyo, Bighit entertainment
    My name is anshika faujdar and i’m from india,Uttar Pradesh..
    i’m 15 years old and i am biggest fan of bighit and ofc bts and i love dancing,singing,modelling,acting and plz give me one chance and i will try my level not to make you down and i can also speak some words of korean and i am trying to learn korean…

  190. hi how are you my name is buddhima kurera my dream is one day make goood kpop band member i can sing and raping and dance me and my 3 sisters like too.

  191. Hello sir
    My name is Aanvi Shukla and my age is 17 years. I am from Uttar pradesh, India.
    I can sing and dance as well and I am really interested in kpop . Kindly consider my request. I will do my best and I will never let you down .
    Thank you

  192. Hey. I want to give auditions and I’m 17 years old girl, I can do dancing, acting as well as singing. Can you help me for giving auditions for that whereas I ‘m indian

    1. Hi i am a Indian girl my goal is K-POOP Idol my age:15.if anyone interested in K-POOP idol.
      So we can be form like a group if anyone interested. i am interested in dancing, model, acting but i can’t singing🎤 so if any body can sing we form like a group and we Defenetly rock🤘.

  193. Dear mam / sir,
    Hello my name is payel Mondal and I am from Indian state – mumbai I am 12 years old I wanna be part of this I knew that I won’t be selected but I will try my level best . Cause I love dancing and singing to cause I have get many achivements ,so I wannabe a part of this.

    1. Hi maam and sir I’m Jane Angeles from Philippines and I’m 12 years old
      and i love dancing,singing,modeling and acting.

  194. Hello bighit entertainment
    My name is aarushi and i am 11 years old I know I am small but I reallly want to join bighit. I am from india and I love dancing,singing,modeling and acting and I do this all the day I really wish I will selected and I will do my best
    Bighit entertainment

  195. My name is pawani hirushika.I’m from sri lanka. I like to apply

    Category-Singing,Dancing, Repping
    Age-16 year’s old
    Gender- girl

    1. Hi Pawani nice to meet you I am PINITHI I am also from srilanka I am 12 years and my dream is to become an Idol just like you so I will also like to apply for the audition. Well Pawani maybe we could also be friends.

  196. hi am sonyia but my friends call me kim sony and if you like you can call me anything you like, i am 14 years old turning 15 December 27 , i want to be a singer and a dancer and i live in Rochester NY but i am from nepal and i can speak little bit of all these languages “chinese, korean, hindi, spanish, japanese, english, nepali” and that’s all, it’s actually my dream to become a singer and a dancer.

    1. sorry i actually don’t want to do this anymore because i first want to finish school and everyone thing and then i might try out ot sign up.

  197. I can do hard yogas and i am bts army i hope i can join kpop my favorite male idol-BTS
    Favorite female idol-BLACKPINK
    I’m 12 years old..i hope i can select

  198. Hi Big hit myself naina I live in india , Uttar Pradesh I want to be k -pop idol I love dance and sing l love sing Korean song I want Big hit entertainment auditions . I know to be be hard but I can do it from my dream it is my life to be K-pop idol I can try and try I do it I be a k -pop idol not in big hit other company but I can do it thanks you wait…. I don’t tell my age sorry I tell I am 12 year in India and in Korea in my 13 year thanks you sir .

  199. Hi BIG HIT ENTERTAINMENT,MY name is Anjali aka (cheeku) ,I’m 13 yrs old, I’m from India ,Uttar Pradesh& I love k-pop, most fan of BTS.I can singing ,modeling, dancing & I speak english, hindi, Punjabi &some Korean

  200. My dream is to become a kpop idol if you give me one chance I will work hard with all my heart. give me a one chance .my name Lalita I am 16 year old girl.

  201. Hi my name is Katelyn and I’m from the U.S and I would really like to try out for auditions, I’m not the best at vocals or rapping but I took some classes in dancing and promise to work my hardest.

  202. Hi my self pratishtha sati ,I am 15 years old girl I want to be k-pop singer ,I love to sing most , my dream is to be k-pop hope you Will chose me also.
    Thank you

  203. I Am Mansi From India, Gujarat.
    It’s My dream to joining BHE.
    And I am good at singing and dancing and I really love k pop Songs. And I want to be a k pop star.

  204. Hi I’m age is 17. I’m eagerly waiting for the audition in kpop.l got some knowledge about korean language by kpop. l am willing to attend your audition and I love bts.

    1. Hi I’m Eunice and I’m from the Philippines …I’m now 14 years of age since I was young i really like to dance and sing my hobbies are like watching some English movies, shopping,and dancing..I want to reach my dreams and to help my family.and I’m a choir member on a church. I like fashion, I like taking photos,I like to make a style and I’m also want to be an actor..and these days I’ve been learning how to speak Korean and Japanese…and also vocal practice just my self and learn to play these days I’m adjusting my self to my studying and time for practicing im willing to work at bighit company…I hope that …I”ll be able to join or enter this audition..and try my best..thank you

      1. Can pinay audition???
        Actually I’m planning to audition too because it was Really my dream and i also wanted help my family cause I’m not from rich family i wanted to reached my dream and be successful and I’m only 14 years old

      2. Hi I can be your friend I’m from phillipines too and I trying to audition may I know your name??🥺🥺

  205. Hi
    I am kiran from India (kolkata) . I am a big fan of k-pop and i would like to give audition for big hit entertainment.
    Thank you

  206. Hi I am Tejashree Pradhan , I want to be a k-pop idol because I love to sing and dance . I am not joining because of BTS and I perform at restaurants . I am 13 but I can sing , dance , modelling , and a little bit of rapping . I can easily speak South Korean and and write it because of my tuition of Korean.

      1. hi my name is rasheeda am 14 years old and am good in singing and modelling am perfect in English and also working on how to speak Korean I want be part of big hit entertainment audition I want to be a kpop star

  207. Hi This​ is Dharani Srinivasan I am from India (Tamilnadu… I’m good at dancing…..l think I will do it well……. I CAN MAKE IT RIGHT……….👍👌 Give me a chance ✌️

  208. hii I am rashee I even did posted the msg from my mom’s phone
    I am good at dancing singing vocals and acting vibing at bts’s songs age is 12 completed 13 running favorite song butter can speak a little Korean language from India. love u bts u guys are doing great keep it.

    1. Hello my name is may I am 16 years old I live Sénégal and I am a Lebanon 🇱🇧 I would pass my audition star because I help my parents and I love singing dancing my hobbies are singing dancing and basketball 🏀 please give me a chance thank you 😊

  209. Hey I’m Simpee And I am 14 years old from India
    Well i don’t know singing or dancing😅 but if i pratice i’m sure i’ll be good on that… I love BTS 💜

      1. I’m Rebecca
        I’m from India
        I know English, hindi and my mother language khasi
        I love kpop I would like to be a kpop
        I’m good at singing , dancing, rapping and modeling
        I also I’ve write some song over 5 songs
        If you choose me I’ll me grateful
        Hope so you’ll choose me

  210. Hello
    I am Shreya
    From Uttar Pradesh
    I want to became k-pop idol. I am good at singing,dancing,rapping, modeling etc. It would be grateful that big hit will select me.

  211. Big hit entertainment I want to become a singer I am from India i am 14 years old I love k pop so much and I can dance well please give me a chance

  212. Hi, I’m Mary. I’m a Filipino and I’m living in New Zealand for good. I’m currently 18 years old, I can sing and I can dance with a bit of practice. It would be an honour to work with BigHit Entertainment, plus the fact that I’ve been dreaming of becoming a singer. This will also allow me to boost my confidence and I think that I have got the attitude for the workplace.

  213. Hii .. I’m Sara
    And I’m 15 years old
    I can sing dance and modelling
    Acting and also rapper
    I will be happy if u chose me

  214. Hi… I’m Bhuvaneshwari tamil nadu(india)… I want to be a k pop(BTS) idol. I’m 12 yrs old and I’m good at singing. I know tamil and English. I would be thankful and grateful if you give me a chance…

    1. Hi I am Deepika I am from Andhra Pradesh (India) i want to become an k pop idol too and i am also 12 years old and i love to sing ,dance and i can write songs , but i do not know how to rap. i can speak telugu and english after watching BTS i got the wish to became a idol .let make our dream true.

  215. Hi my name is sitti Hanna allaine I’m from Philippines I can rap and sing I’m not really good at dancing but I can do it I learn how to speak Korean and Japanese this is really my dream to be a k pop if I’m not going to be a k pop I’ll be a dancer

  216. Hi, Big Hit Entertainment. I’m Snehil Shreya Tirkey. I’m 14 years old and I would like to give audition . I’m a girl. I live in India in Jharkhand.

  217. Hello bighit entertainment
    My name is Sweety
    My age is 12
    I will live in Haryana’s Faridabad
    I can sing,rap and dance
    I am Indian girl

  218. Hello I’m shenelle from sri Lanka.
    Me and my two besties want to be kpop idols .
    Can we apply to your entertainment.
    I’m 14 years old.
    one of my besties can sing well and i can dance i will do my best to be a kpop idol .

    1. Hello I’m Trisha from Odisha I also want to be a kpop idol’s . I’m 14 years old and I like singing ,dancing ,acting

  219. Hello bighit iam chanchal from india my age is 15 give me one chance to join bighit audition💜💜 please

  220. I am 12 year old , I am from Kerala(India)
    I am good at dancing ,singing, I know to rap but not so good and if I get a chance then I will work hard for it . I am good at speaking English but am not so good at Korean.

  221. Hi it’s srushti
    From India (KARNATAKA)
    I want audition for big hit entertainment
    I like to be kpop
    I like to do dance, singing different song,and little bit raping which I love to do
    Daily I do work hard at home to become best girl group of kpop and entertain people whole over the world that’s my dream
    I sure that I will become best and talented kpop girl group and my country will be proud for me
    I will prove that 🙂

  222. Hi i am ras i am from Philippines i can sing and dance i just want to pursue my dreams and kpop inspires me 🥰🥰

  223. Hello big hit entertainment my name is mahima
    I want became a k pop idol I can sign, dance, rap and act give me a chance I give my best for you guys 🙂🙂🙂

    1. Hi, big hit give me a change to be a k-pop idol really I will try my best as I can do and I am good at singing,dancing and acting too give a change
      Hobby- dancing and singing
      Live in India

  224. Hi i am sherliya from india. I i want to join in big hit as a girl group. I am good at singing, dancing and modeling. Hope i will select it

  225. Hi, I’m Mckynzie Cannon
    I’m 13 years old and from Alabama
    I can sing, dance, and I’ve never had experience in official modeling but I have taken few professional pictures.
    I write poems and I’m currently working on a song.

  226. Hi, I’m April Jean Cabo from the Philippines. I was born on April 2, 2005 and now I am 16 years old. My height is 5’3 feet. Ever since I was still a kid, I already loved dancing, singing, modeling, and even acting just like what the Big Hit Entertainment develop and manage the talents of the artists who are under this company. For that reason, I would like to grab the opportunity to audition in the girls group of the Big Hit Entertainment. I really admire how this company molded the artists to express their passion in performing and be known by the world. The BTS group is a proof that truly inspired me to pursue a dream despite all the struggles that will be encountered along the way.

  227. Hii my name is Riya from India. I want to debut in K-pop. My birth year is 2004 and I am 17 years old. I want to give audition in big hit entertainment. I speak Hindi, English and little bit Korean. I can dance, singing and also a modeling.

    1. Hi am devika from Telangana, Hyderabad I wanna be come a K-POOP Idol can I join in your group l Can dance, modeling, acting I can’t sing like Rap song but I can sing I can speak English, Hindi that set but I learning korean👄💬 language so I wish I can fast learn that language.

  228. Hai i am Krishnapriya iam a 15 yearold girl
    I want to apply for big hit entertainments kpop audition
    I am good at singing dancing
    Little rap
    I can write lyrics
    Music is my passion, talent,everything i am living for singing.