Covid Vaccine 3rd Dose Name 2022 Eligibility! Booster Side Effects

As we all know that 3rd wave of COVID19 has started to hit all over the world in countries like the USA, all countries of Europe, and Africa. This time 3rd wave has come with the new variant called Omicron. The world is now shocked and fed up with all the different variants of the Covid19 virus. To stop this virus everyone should be responsible and follow Covid19 protocols like get vaccinated, keep social distancing, wear masks and use sanitizers.

COVID Vaccine 3rd Dose Name 2022

The third has also started to hit India from last week and more than lakhs of cases are coming per day. COVID Booster Dose Registration online So, stop this Indian government has also imposed night curfews, closed gyms and many other steps have been taken to fight this new variant of Covid19. The Indian government also started the vaccination process for teenagers from 15 years old teens to 18 years old teens.

COVID 3rd Dose Registration 2022
COVID 3rd Dose Registration 2022

Alongside the vaccination of teenagers, the government has also started 3rd dose of Indian citizens to fight this omicron variant of Covid19. The 3rd dose is called a booster dose. This dose has been an additional shot to increase the protection of the other 2 doses means it will give a booster to the immunity provided by the first and second dose given to fight the battle against Covid19. This booster dose will fight against Covid19 for a much longer time.

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COVID Vaccine 3rd Dose Eligibility 2022

In some countries other than Indian in which booster doses have been started this dose has been only given to those who are unable to build immunity with the first 2 doses. Now the booster dose is given to them because this dose provides immunity of the first 2 doses.

Virus Name COVID19
Variant Name Omicron
Started Year 2019
Dose Name Booster dose
Dose number 3rd dose
Booster dose start date 10th January 2022
Official portal

Corona 3rd Dose Name 2022

The third dose will be given to those who are 18 plus have got their 2nd for more than 4 weeks ago. Those who are undergoing any treatment should consult their doctors too for the booster dose. Those, who found Covid19 positive should wait for 4-6 weeks even if they have found no symptoms. Other than that anyone can consult their doctors before taking the third dose of Covid19 Vaccine.

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After getting the booster shot, most people would feel some changes in their body like getting a fever, cold, and flu symptoms but you should not worry about it. These symptoms are quite normal. These symptoms do not mean that you are sick this means that your immunity system is responding to the booster dose. People with these symptoms should take some rest and everything will be fine within 2 days.

Covid third dose eligibility 2022

Well, there is no need to register for 3rd dose of the COvid19 vaccine. People who have got 2 vaccination shots can directly go to the nearest vaccination center with their vaccination certificate and can get a direct appointment. But for those who wanted to get an appointment first can also get their appointment from the Cowin portal as they have taken for earlier 2 doses.

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The third dose of the Vaccine will be the same as of other 2 doses. One should get the dose of the same company vaccine of which he or she has taken dose previously. Suppose if you have taken the first two doses of CoviShiled Than the third dose must be of Covishield.

COVID 3rd Dose Registration 2022

The Government has decided to take this huge step of the third shot of vaccination there are 2 major reasons. The first reason is that India has achieved a milestone of vaccinating more than 89 percent of the population of India. It has been a great achievement for India and the people of India.

The other reason for starting the third dose of vaccination is not good as The third wave of Covid19 has started to hit India in all the states and union territories. Now, India is getting more than 1,50,000 new cases of Covid19 daily. So, Government has taken this step. So, It is our responsibility as Indian Citizens to follow Covid19 Protocols to Stay Safe and Keep Safe our family and friends.

Hope this article is helpful for all and for more information bout Covid19 third or booster dose stay in touch and Stay Safe.

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