Indian Idol Marathi Audition 2024 Date! Registration Online Form

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Hello Friends, today we have spoken about the Indian Idol Marathi Audition 2024 which has started very soon. We know that Indian Idol has one of the biggest singing reality show in the Television Industry. So the program for Indian Idol as in huge demands that is why it has also run in regional languages such as Marathi, Telugu, Tamil, etc. This time the registration has been initiated for the Indian Idol Marathi Region.

Indian Idol Marathi Audition 2024

For those candidates who want to make their career in the profile of singing and want to become famous. Then they have to surely fill the Indian Idol Marathi Registration Form 2024. Due to these opportunities, lots of applicants have searched the process of registration into the audition round through an online medium. So applicants have to fill the form under the given process here for our readers.

Indian Idol Marathi Audition 2021
Indian Idol Marathi Audition 2024

However, there have lots of other programs which are running in different-different channels. But this show has come under one of the iconic TV reality shows for singers. In our country, a large number of talent has still not come out. So with the help of this kind of show, we can see candidates from the various region with a melodious voice. But for becoming part of the show aspirants need to appear in the audition round firstly. And for audition registration form fill up process has the mandatory stage.

Indian Idol Marathi Registration Form 2024

हिंदीनंतर आता मराठी मंचावरही सादर होणार ‘इंडियन आयडॉल’, पाहा ‘इंडियन आयडॉल मराठी’ची खास झलक. इंडियन आयडॉल मराठी ऑडिशन, परीक्षक, सुरुवातीची तारीख आणि प्रक्रिया

Likewise in Maharashtra state also lots of candidates available who can sing so well. So this has the chance for them because in this show they can sing in their regional language and shine in the Maharashtra state as well as in our country. Soon the Television channel has going to start the Indian Idol Marathi Audition 2024 Registration Form. Due to which all the Marathi people who have talent and beautiful voices can do participate in the audition.

Name of the Article Indian Idol Marathi Audition 2024 Registration Form
Then Name of the Show Indian Idol Marathi
Process for the show entry Audition
Category of Article Reality Shows in India
Benefit To get a chance to become a singer
Year 2024
Beneficiaries Candidates who know the regional language Marathi
Location Maharashtra state
Process of Registration Through Online
Official Website

Indian Idol Audition Marathi 2024

As a result of its entertaining factor and discovery of the new talented singer, the show of Indian Idol Marathi has also been very popular among the local citizen of Maharashtra state. Because of this every year this show hit the channel and lots of audience just waiting for the timing of the show. so that they can watch and listen to the regional songs singing in the show. So check the Indian Idol Marathi Audition Form 2024 online. And then submit it with the steps given on our page.

According to the reports, there has some format for taking part in the show which every contestant needs to follow. so in this line, they have to first fill the registration form for Indian Idol Marathi Audition 2024. After that, they need to appear in the audition if they got a call or intimation through the team of Indian Idol Marathi. Then at the given time, they need to reach, and once the judge selects them according to their performance in the audition. After that, you can see the whole process of winning on the TV itself.

Indian Idol Marathi Auditions 2024 Date

Eligibility Criteria under the Indian Idol Marathi Audition 2024 :

  • Firstly, the applicant should be a citizen of India only.
  • The most important applicant should be a good singer with a great voice
  • Then the applicant must not have any criminal history before.
  • Also, they need to show some photo identity proof for their identity such as Voter Id Card, Aadhar Card, PAN Card, Passport, etc.
  • Secondly, the singer should have an excellent command of the Marathi Language singing.
  • In addition, they need to do the registration process.

Because of the pandemic already lots of things have details. Similarly, TV show has also been delayed the timing they were going to telecast. But now everything has gone back to normal eventually. So check the Indian Idol Marathi Audition Application form 2021-22. And after that soon you can get a chance to appear in the auditions. But before that please do read all the instructions and details carefully which has also available on the official portal.

Indian Idol Marathi Entry Form 2024

Process for Indian Idol Marathi Audition 2021-22 Registration Form Online :

  • At first, the candidate should download the application of Sony Liv or the official website.
  • After that do the formality for login on the application such as register your mobile number and enter personal details.
  • Then applicant needs to go to the option available on the homepage to register for the auditions.
  • Now you can also see a new page with the Indian Idol Marathi option. So you need to click on it for registration.
  • After that choose the language as English or Marathi for filling details.
  • Now you can also see the application form.
  • Here you need to enter details such as the name of the contestant, date of birth, gender of the applicant, mobile number, state, district, email id, etc.
  • Then an option appears in front of you whether you have participated in any other singing reality show or not.
  • After selecting appropriate details go forward to another section which should be in Marathi only.
  • Also read all the details and then proceed to the next step.
  • Choose the option if you have taken any singing training or not. If yes then select the option yes, or no then choose the option no in it.
  • After that choose the language option in which you want to prefer in the show of Indian Idol Marathi.
  • And also fill in all the details asked here one by one.
  • Then click on the record option in the video section available at the end.
  • So once you finish the recording of the song here. Then you need to click on the upload option.
  • At last click on the apply the sony liv application.
  • Finally, your registration procedure has finished.
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  1. नमस्कार माझे नाव ऋतिका राजेंद्र शिंदे.
    मला मराठी मध्ये गाणी गाता येतात तसेच पोवाडा ही गाता येतो इंडियन आयडल मराठी मध्ये भाग घेण्याची माझी इच्छा आहे .तरी मला इंडियन आयडल मराठी मध्ये गाणे गाण्याची एक संधी द्यावी अशी नम्र विनंती करते.

  2. Namskar majh nav Vishal borde and mala Marathi and Hindi songs mhnyach aavd ahe mhnun mi apnas nanmr vinti krto ki mala Indian idol made yak chyans dyava 🙏🙏🙏

  3. प्रतिक्षा उल्हास बोराडे sony liv Indian idol marathi audition

  4. नमस्कार माझे नाव जगदीश ओमप्रकाश पवार मला गाण्याचे अवड असून मी मराठी हिंदी गाणे गातो शाळेमध्ये कॉलेज मधे व इतर कार्यक्रमामध्ये मी गाणे गातो मला indian idol marathi madhe भाग घ्यायचा आहे तर मला आपण indian idol marathi मध्ये गाण्याची एक संधी द्यावी ही खूप नम्रतेने विनंती करतो

  5. मी मराठी मध्ये गाणे म्हणता येतात इंडियन आयडल मराठी मध्ये भाग घेणे घेण्याची माझी इच्छा आहे तरी मला इंडियन आयडल मध्ये गाण्याची गाणे गाण्याची एक वेळ संधी द्यावी ही विनंती मला छंद आहे मी नाटक पण करते आणि मी डोक्यावर ग्लास पाण्याने भरलेली कळशी घेऊन मी खेळते आणि मला छंद आहे विनंती करते मला ऑडिशनमध्ये एकदा चान्स

  6. नमस्कार माझे नाव रवि नामदेव कांबळे मला गाण्याचे आवड असुन मी मराठी हिंदी कन्नड या तीन्ही भाषेचे song मी गातो लहानपणापासून शाळेत मंदिरात अभंग गौळण रिवाईत भक्ती गीत मी गातो मलाही indian idol marathi मध्ये भाग घ्यायच आहे क्रपा करुनमला या आँडीशन मध्ये घ्यावा हीच विनती

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