Jagananna Gorumudda status 2022 Mid Day Meal Status

Jagananna Gorumudda status 2021-22 | AP Mid Day Meal Status 2022 | YSR Jagananna Gorumudda Menu 2022 | AP Jagananna Mid Day Meal Menu 2021-2022

MDM has been in effect in the state since January 2003, affecting students in grades I through V. Class I-VII was added in 2008. It has been extended as of October 2008 to include students in grades IX and X (100 percent State share). YSR Jagananna MDM Status Check. Added to Special Training Centers (NCLP) as of 2010. Model schools will be included as well starting in 2013-14.

Jagananna Gorumudda status 2021-22

MDM Objective – By creating this program, the school hopes to both prevent pupils from going hungry in class and boost enrollment. The objective is to reduce the salary disparity between men and women and to foster social peace, as well as women’s emancipation and school participation.

Work status – At this time, there are 88,296 Cooks employed in the state. Depending on their strength, Cook/Cum Helpers are assigned to schools: For schools with up to 25 kids, one cook-cum-helper is sufficient.

Jagananna Gorumudda Status 2021
Jagananna Gorumudda Status 2021

There should be two cook-cum-helpers every 26 to 100 kids.

For every additional 100 kids, they need one extra Cook-cum-Helper.

With effect from August 2019, the honorarium was raised from Rs.1000/- to Rs.3000/- per head. Of this sum, the Indian government keeps Rs.600 and the state governments keep Rs.2400.

Mid Day Meal Scheme in AP

Mid Day Meal Payment Status 2021-22

Every month, schools claim Mid-Day Meals Bills to cover the costs associated with the students’ attendance. This bill is sent by MRC, who draught it and forward it to Treasury officials for review and approval. Each Cooker Cum Helper Dwackra Group Account receives credit for the accepted Bills. Here is a tiny program to check the status of MDM bills.

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To check the status of your MDM bill, just enter the school’s DISE code below. The MDM Bill Claim Status of each school in Andhra Pradesh may be seen here. You may check on the status of your Mid-Day Meals Bill Claim by visiting this page official page.

Scheme YSR Jagananna Mid Day Meal Scheme
State Andhra Pradesh
Status YSR Jagananna Mid Day Meal Status Check
Also know Jagananna Gorumudda Status 2021-2022
Under State Government of Andhra Pradesh
Check online Mid Day Meal Status District wise

YSR Mid Day Meal Status 2021-2022

About Jagananna Gorumudda Scheme – As part of the Jagananna Gorumudda Scheme, the Indian government offers assistance to rural and urban disadvantaged people. It deals with the problems of malnutrition, food insecurity, and lack of educational opportunities. Primary and Upper Primary class students in Government and Aided schools, local body STC, Madarsad, and Maqtabs get free lunch on school working days as part of this AP MDM scheme.

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This program, funded entirely by the state, was implemented in January 2003 for pupils in grades I through V (i.e., Primary Schools) and grades IX and X (i.e., High Schools). From the 2010-11 academic year forward, this program was made available to students enrolled in NCLP-accredited institutions.

Jagananna MDM Status 2021-2022

Mid-Day Meals – Jagananna Gorumudda Scheme, check payment status month-by-month, Mandal MDM bill status year-by-year for 2017-18, 2018-19, 2019-20, 2020-21, and many more facts are provided by Swachh Vidyalaya on this page. Continue reading the post to learn more about AP MDM Bill’s current situation.

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The individual schools claim monthly Mid-Day Meals Bills for the covered expense based on attendance. It is MRC who receives the MDM bills and prepares the bills for submission to Treasury Officials for approval. The Treasury Officials then approve the bills. Each Cooker cum Helper Dwakra Group account receives the Treasury-approved Bills in Cash.

Check the status of the Mid-Day Meal bill?

  • To learn more about MDM by going to its official website, which is located at jaganannagorumudda.ap.gov.in
  • The fields for the School Status Report will be shown on a new page that has been established.
  • Choose the financial year you will be working with.
  • Afterward, you must input the school’s DISE code, which is an 11-digit number.
  • You’ll be able to receive the information by providing the aforementioned information.
  • If not, insert the following information instead.
  • To begin, click on the Districts, Mandals, or Schools page and type in your information.

Then, to learn the current situation, click on Get data.

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