Z POP Audition 2024 Form! Z-POP Dream New Group Registration Date

Z-POP Audition 2024 | ZPOP Dream Auditions 2024 Date | Z POP Dream New Auditions in India | Z POP Audition 2024 in India | ZPOPDREAM Online Audition 2024 Date

According to official announcements ZPOP team announced that it will start the Z-POP auditions soon. This show is a popular talent hunt show to encourage the POP culture of Aisa worldwide. Now the good news for the participants who have been waiting for a long time to hear this news. The most famous show was introduced by Norimitsu Kameshima and a mechanical engineer and an entrepreneur from Sinzoka. Read this article carefully to know about ZPOP Application Procedure, eligibility guidelines, important date, and schedule. The most awaited show will start their auditions for the next situation.

Z POP reality show have a huge fan following and loved by the youth. So if you want to know about ZPOP Auditions 2024 and registration link. Go through complete article carefully.

Z POP Audition 2024

Z-POP is an international-level pop singing reality show to encourage the pop culture of Aisa to all over the world. Season 3 Registration process will starts soon.

To participate in the show, they need to register online. ZPop Dream is specifically a new show of the generation and sets a standard for the pop culture and will encourage the pop culture of Asia to all over the world. The prime objective of the show to start this talent hunt show is to encourage modern pop and culture. Z-Pop Auditions 2024 process. Get eligibility criteria, age limit and selection process for Z-Pop Dream. How to register online for Z-POP Dreams?

ZPOP Dream Audition 2021
ZPOP Dream Audition 2024

Basically the Asian celebrities like KPOP, BTS, Blackpink, PSY, and Wanna One is now global sensations. If we talked about TRP and its popularity, it is all over the world. Get more details about when and where apply online for z-pop auditions in India. So stay online to get latest updates regarding recruitment.

ZPOP Audition in India

About the ZPOP show and their contribution – Zenith Media Group established by Norimitsu Kameshima to pursue opportunities in the entertainment industry.

Big Hit Entertainment Audition

The ZPOP dream project is motivated by its desire to help talented Asian performers realize their dreams on a global stage.

Show ZPOP Dream
Auditions Z POP Dream Auditions in India
For Boys & Girls
Registration Z-POP Dream Apply Online 2024
Official website zpopdream.com
Date ZPOPdream Auditions Date 2024

ZPOP Dream Registration 2024

Z-POP Dream eligibility criteria – He/She should be a citizen of India, Indonesia, Japan, the Philippines, Taiwan, Vietnam, and Thailand. Participants’ age should be in between 15 to 23 years at the time of pre-audition. The candidates have to apply for a foreign visa, you have to accept an exclusive artist management contract which is of 5 years the show promoters.

Indian Idol 14 Auditions 2024 Date

Also, you are able to independent in case of handling or managing school-related matters.

They can join this show by uploading their 30-second video.

If the applicants are a full participant, all the stars’ activities, including professional training in Korea.

Applicants have to accept an exclusive artist management contract of 5 years with the show promoters. Also, applicants who are an employee of promoters for its respective division, authorized dealers or distributors, agent, affiliates, or other company professionals connected with the promotion are not eligible to enter the show.

The interested applicants can visit the official portal, apply for an audition online, the application process, eligibility criteria.

Z-POP Dream 3 Auditions 2024

How to apply online for the Z-pop dream talent hunt – 

Visit the official portal of zpopdream

Click on the link and a new page will open.

After that click on the registration link for Zpop adutions.

Online Registration/Application procedure for ZPOP auditions India –

Enter asked information like Name of applicant, phone number, email ID, profession, address, country details.

The upload profile picture and complete picture of the applicant, you have to upload their pictures only when there is an option to upload.

Also, applicants are required to upload a short audio clip

Audio in the form of singing or rap in English or Korean language.

However, there is no application or registration process made available regarding the ZPOP dream audition. Stay tuned to get updates once there is an official announcement regarding the same.

The audition for the Z-POP-Dream talent show is not started yet.

You are advised to stay online to check updates from here. In case of any queries, you are free to write in the comment box. Get more details about Z-Pop contestant list 2024 with photo and name.

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  1. i want to become a singer select me i am dancer, music, karthe my dreams is singer and dancer i am India my hobby is writing lyrics and rapping

  2. Hello everyone my name is mepung,Iam from india,i also love Z-pop and I also wanted to become a Z-pop please try for me Iam also good in dance and sing, again please try, i full request.
    I wish you will be try.🇮🇳

  3. Hello sir and miss my self mepung rimo ,
    I know there are many peoples are likes a Z-pop and Iam also one of them,Iam also good in singing and dancing and Iam also went a change, when I was select that happy is for me not others because that is also my dream. miss.
    Thank you
    Have a nice day

  4. Good morning sir
    Sir I’m jyotsna Karmakar
    I’m a girl / I’m from india in jamshedpur /sir I like k.pop but z.pop or k.pop same I have to be z.pop idol sir please sir my age 15
    2009/11/06 sir I m little bits korean language use but sir english same thank you dear sir 💌🙇🏻‍♀️🇰🇷

  5. i love zpop and im a fan of z girls and i want to be one. i can play a little bit of acoustic and ukelele, i can sing thats all. and i only speak english and filipino hehe

  6. Hi!
    I am priyanshi singh gaharwar from madhya pradesh India
    i really want to be a kpop idol because i love singing since my childhood
    i can sing in any language with correct pronunciation

  7. Hi my name is Jyoti and i am from India but I am blong to Nepal and I want to be a zpop idol thank you 🙏

  8. Hi! My name is neha and I I’m 14 years old and my hobbies are dancing and singing I want to be an idol
    I’m a big fan of K-pop.
    And I’m learning Korean language thank you ♥

    1. Hi my name is sashi Priya and I I’m 14 years old and hobbies are dancing singing want to be an idol I’m a big fan of k-pop and I’m learning korean language thank you

  9. Z pop I really like to audition please send me you audition link it’s my dream I am 13 yrs old and I am from india(gujarat) and I am really good in singing and dancing and I can also hit high notes like aespa ningning please let me audition I beg you I want to raise my parents name I will never let you down
    I promise even Miss Priyanka is my role model please

  10. Hey zpop dream I’m Snehshree from india i want to be a part of zpop project pls give me a change i have been practicing singing and dancing since when i was 11 and now i use to perform solo singing in my scool as teachers now love my vocals it will be my pleasure if you pls let me show case my talent btw i am not able to open app.
    Thank you
    – Snehshree

  11. Hi my name is manshi sharma. I am 12 years old I want become k-pop idol I hope you will support me to reach my goal.

  12. Hello I am Samiksha from India, nagpur I can rap my dancing was good my singing also i can speak languages like German, korean , Italian but little much

  13. Hello I’m karuna Sharma and I am from Sikkim Gangtok and o want to be a Z-pop idol because I Love singing Korean song and dance and there culture and I can Dance singing and Rapping..Languages I can speak are Korean and English

  14. Hello I’m saranya from India in tamilnadu I’m Born in 30/11/2004 I’m really good at the dancing and singing in English I’m try to learning in Korean I really want to became a k-pop idol because I want to chase my dream so I believe my self I can achieve my dream and the first z- pop idol Priyanka
    Is my role model because
    She is the first Indian k-pop idol I also want became a k-pop idol ………
    If you read this please give me a chance to improve my self …
    Thank you

  15. I am palak chohtel iam from india my age is 16 and i am bigg fan off k pop I am good in dancing and singing 💜💜

  16. Hi
    My name is Jayavarshini
    I am 19 years old now
    I am really interested in k-pop and zpop too.
    I can sing and dance and little bit rapping . I want to show my talent to everyone .I am good at every thing . please take me to this audition .i know English ,Hindi and German language .give me a chance to be a good.
    Thank you .

  17. Annsyoung🙇🏼‍♀️
    I am from india but i only love korea i have one dream korea these dream i want true these dram give me new life to how to live
    I have no mom dad my socity want to marry me but i want korea kpop star
    I start youtube to collect money to come korea becouse i have no facility
    I do best my

  18. Hello my name is Roshni Sherpa
    i am 15 years old. my dream is to become a kpop
    i am good at singing. i can rap a little
    i can’t dance because i have a problem
    but if you will give me a chance to participate
    i promise i won’t let you down

    Thank you

  19. Hey 👋, my name is ranjeeta from India 🇮🇳 ,my age 14 year, my dancing 💃and singing🎤 is so nice, and my body level ,is so nice, and I can speak song Korean 🇰🇷 and English , and my height is 5.01ft ,and ,l can speak English

  20. Helllo
    I am Dipika and iam from india
    Iam 16 years old now.
    I really love kpop and now I got to know about z pop.
    I was like this something really good so I also want to become an z pop idol.
    I am good at singing and can also dance.
    Hope u will see my comment. ✌thank you

  21. Hii!
    My name is Vaishnavi I’m 17 years old and I’m from India (AP Kadapa)
    I’m interested in dancing and singing and I’m good in dancing my dream is to be a kpop star I wish you will give me a chance to reach my goal

    1. नमस्ते
      मैं सिमरन वर्मा हूं मैं भारत से हूं मुझे नृत्य
      व रोबोट डांस करना पसंद है । मेरी उम्र 14 वर्ष है मुझे z pop बहुत पसंद है ।और में z pop स्टार बनना चाहती हूं मैं गायन में भी बहुत अच्छी हूं z pop आइडल मेरा सपना है। मैं आशा है कि आप मुझे ऑडिशन का मौका देंगे मूर्ति बनना मेरा सपना है कृपया मुझे एक मौका दें।

  22. Hi I am aditee chouhan I am from India and I can do the dancing, singing, modelling and I can do the rap too my age is 14 being an artist as z pop idol is my dream so if there is any audition for z pop in india b inform
    Thank you

  23. Hi I m Gunjan I m good at dancing and I can speak Hindi, English and Korean I m not well at Korean. I want to be a kpop idols for this BTS has inspired me

  24. Hi!
    I’m Aakriti Gautam from India,my is to become a k-pop or a zpop idol,I’m inspired by Priyanka Mazumder
    I’m good at singing and dancing.
    Hope you keep me in your mind🙂🙂
    Thank u

  25. Hi
    Iam deepika and iam 16 years old
    Iam good at singing but iam not good at dancing . I will learn
    I hope you give me a chance for audition
    It’s my goal my dream
    Thank u

  26. Hey,
    my name is ranjita, from 🇮🇳 my age 14 ,I am best 💃 and singer👩‍🎤 ,I am so talented 🧠,I love z pop💙 ,and I can speak English and Hindi

  27. Hii
    My name is disha
    I’m 15 year old and I’m in 10th grade right now!
    I love dancing and I’m good at dance but I’m not good at singing I have to do practice and I want to be in zpop and in future I want to be kpop idol! I want be in zpop right now! I can speak my mother and national language and English and I just know some word in korean!
    Thank you!

  28. Hello Zpop
    I am Anshika
    I am good at singing, dancing and modeling so I want to be a kpop idol
    Thank you🙏

  29. Hi I’m Preyona Chakma I’m from Mizoram India. I really want to become a Kpop idol. It has been my dream since a child but I never got the chance to fulfill. give me a chance I will never let you down. If there will be any audition do remind me. Thank you

  30. Hi I’m Isha from India (kolkata) wanna know about the date of audition let me inform about it n also all the documents which is mandatory

    1. Hello
      I’am Sneha
      First of all I wish you very happy life.
      I’am in grade 8th right now.
      And I want to become a Zpop.
      I just wanting for your response.


  31. Hi
    I’m sapna purohit from Uttar Pradesh Etawah . I want to give my audition so. I hope you will give me a chance to prove yourself. If you give me a chance, I will not disappoint you. So please think about me once. Thank you 😊

  32. Hi my name is sheerin from India. tell me audition date in 2022 l am interested and i can do my best

  33. tell us more about this because I really want to apply for this, how can we give online audition, I’m really good at singing, rapping and dancing.

  34. Hi , I am Noor from the capital city of India (Delhi) .
    Just know I get what zpop is in real…and after researching this …i get to know that zpop is one of offer for Indian people know what to became a idol like Me. As I like singing and dancing so much and interested in vocals so,…i also want to participate in the audition…but the only problem is my age which is 14 years 2 month 15 days.
    That’s all I want to say .
    Thank you so much.
    I am really really interested in singing….as my inspiration is
    Other kpop group too
    Ariana Grande
    Ava max
    The FatRat too….

  35. Hello my name is Aishwarya and I’m 19years old I know I was too late to give audition but it’s okay I have reason for that. I knew about zpop and K-pop in this year only so I am late. I’m good singer about dancing I am learning now. I become little good dancer I can do dance and also I’m interested in rapping my rapping is good and I like to do stuff works like stuffy dance stuffy singing and rapping so now I’m trying to learn stuffy songs and rap And dance and I’m little black skin

  36. Zpop is such a dream not only for Indians but also for every people who love to become an Idol….but somehow k-pop never reached there…so pls it is a request for you to come in the country where k-pop never reached….

  37. Hii, its aarti nillawar.I am from india.I want to be an z- pop idol because I want to prove all over the world not only k- pop is best but also z- pop . I can sing and dance well.I will do my best in my work whole heartedly. Just give me a chance and I will never let you regret about your decision.

  38. Hi my name is Prayashee Dutta I am from Siliguri West Bengal I can Rap sing vocal I can dance a bit my inspiration is bts blackpink twice (g)-idle stray kidz Z-girls And SNSD. It’s My big dream to become an idol so pls give me a chance.

      1. Hello my name is mainul zong hee i am rapping and also dancing i want to be a k-pop star so judge tell me when audition Started

    1. Hi my name is Shifa Javed
      To northern India I have many skills sing rap and
      Dance l say just se my
      Skills I promise To z-pop dream you impressed my sk
      ills dance rap singing.

  39. Hi
    My name is Tejasvi Save
    I can sing , dance and rap a bit
    My inspirations are BTS,Blackpink
    I want to become an Idol who can inspire everyone
    I want to sing song that can heal the pain if listener

  40. Hii
    I am shivakami
    I am 14 years old
    I am from india
    It’s my dream to become an idol when I was in my younger age.I will surely try my best to perform well in the stage.
    Thank you.

  41. hello everyone,

    I am from India…I wanna become a zpop star…I can sing and dance as well…I am 15 years old…I promise will do my best in the audition…

    Thank You.

  42. I am Priyadharshini your zpop I am joining I am Indian an I am good dancer an just English singing in singing is good choose me my dream

    1. Hey Zpop
      My Name Is Ananya
      My Age Is 16
      I Do It Singing, Dancing, rap, Modeling
      I Want To Be Come To Kpop Idol……..

  43. Hello sir my name is Malti. I’m from India and I am 16 years old I can sing and dance nicely and little much rap. I want to be a k pop idol. I’m ready for hard work .

  44. Hi I m kulsum , well I m waiting for this opportunity to grab on.
    Well I m good at singing , rapping , and dancing .
    And I write my own songs.
    Hope that auditions occur soon.

    1. Hello my name is kriti Gupta am from India Varanasi. And I can understand Korean some little bit . And my age is 10 .and am also good in rapping . Singing and dancing 💃 or hip hop .thank you

  45. Hi I am bhumika from india and my age is 14 i love korean culture and i am very good rapper and vocalist and good at dancing

  46. Hi my name is bhumika sajwan and i am 14 years old i can sing rap and dance too its my dream to be k pop idol

    1. I can’t find online audition form when you find form first you tell me how can I fill the form it’s my dream I hope you can understand my feelings 😔

  47. Hii myself Nrishchal from India in rajasthan. i’am 15 years old.my hobby is dancing with singing rapping.I can speak in English and I trying to learn Korean.Thanks for this opportunity.

  48. Hi I am from India north East manipur and my name is pakija bin I don’t live this 3 thing vocal,rap,dance so that why I want to audition z pop

  49. Hello I am from India I can sing well so I wanna show my talent to everyone and also wanna became idol so I will give my best to it because this was the thing I wanted to do in my career. I can’t dance well sorry about that but I will give my best in that too.So I am ready to do hard work enjoyably that’s it and allow me to debut on this big opportunity.
    Thank you

  50. My name is Aishwarya iam from India and iam Telugu I love singing and dancing give one chance to me I will prove talent Thanku for giving this audition opportunity.

    1. Hi I’m Sathwika I’m from India I love dancing and singing I want to prove myself give one chance thank you for this opportunity

  51. Hi , I am sarika from India , can any Indian team give audition for z pop .We have talent and wants to be a star . We know singing ,dancing .
    Can girls from India participate in z pop dream.

  52. Hello I’m from India. I can really sing so I wanna show my talent to everyone n also wanna become an Idol so I will give my best to it becuz this was the thing that I wanted to do in my carrier.I can’t dance well sorry about that but I will give my very best in it.So I’m ready to do hardwork enjoyably that’s it and allow me to debut on this big opportunity.

  53. Hello my name is priza .
    I’m from India, Assam
    And I love kpop really very much and I could really like to be like them… I’m 14 years old I can speak English and 5 more language and i love dancing and singing too ….

  54. Hi, My name is sakshi and I am 15 years old ,I am from India 🖤I want to became an artist and inspire other peoples with my example ✭I love z pop✨ I am good in singing and dancing 💜I have been waiting for this audition❄️

  55. Hello my name is Esha Adhikari . I love singing alot and I want to become a zpop star . I belong to a poor family and the reason why I audition in online

  56. I my Khushi and I am from India.I am 13 year’s old .I really love z-pop from 2019 and I also wanna be as a z-pop idol.I am good at singing and dancing.I am very good at speaking English and I also know some of Korean and I am still learning daily.I hope u give me one chance in audition .

  57. Hello my name is Raunak and I am 14 years old I love k-pop and z-pop I want to be a k-pop or z-pop star and l am very well in dancing and rapping and ok in singing as well. I am good at speaking English and I also know some basic korean Can I apply for the show .

  58. Hi my name is Akanshya Haldar.I am from INDIA I love zpop and I want to be a zpop star.
    I love dancing,singing,rappingand acting a lot.

  59. I love Z pop and want to be a k-pop star and I am from INDIA.
    I love dancing,singing,rapping,and acting a lot.

  60. Hello, my name us Swaralipee pora and I am from India, Maharashtra and I am 14 years old. I can speak 4 languages. I love kpop and Zpop and I can do dancing and singing. My dream is to become a Zpop idol and I want to be a inspiration for others. I want to debut in Zpop. I know English and basic Korean words, I am trying to learn Korean so I can prove myself.

  61. Hii
    I am rakhi
    I am 14 year old and I want to make z-pop star
    But I am belong to poor family so I can’t travel to other countries
    But it’s my dream

    1. I’m samia samaraa from Bangladesh 🇧🇩 I have the all talent dancing, acting, modding,rap and half vocal.
      I want to heart fairly audition for bighit. I’m biggest fan of full kpop industry. When I was 13 my life was rise when I beloved for kpop.
      And I want to audition 🙏

  62. Hi I am Ankita and I am 16 years old I want to become z-pop idol because I love dancing and singing and I stated practicing everyday for my dreams

  63. Hi guys my name is nisha
    And I’m indian
    I’m 15 years old and my hobbies is dancing, singing, acting and modeling
    I want to become a k-pop idol

  64. I’m govindmadhav. I’m bts army. I’m from India. I’m 15 years old and I want to be a
    Kpop idol. I can sing.

  65. Hyy guys
    I am Aleesha
    I love kpop(BTS)
    MY AGE IS 15

  66. I love zpop it’s my dream
    I always practice dance so that I can be a z-pop star
    I love singing and dancing

    1. hy i am also bts army and i have much talent i have rapping skill,s and i am dancing machine anytime 😄😂 anywhere start. i love sing 🎤i can sing in 2 language that is english , korean thank u

  67. Hi i am Tamanna maji from West Bengal Kolkata my date of birth is 2011/9/18.
    I want to be a k-pop star. But i am to small can i.

  68. Hi! I am Priya Dhar I love kpop I am a big fan I love singing ,dancing and I can participate the audition audition

    1. Hai my name is Amana Fathima am 15,i can dance, sing can i be a part of z pop
      I would love to be a part of your company

  69. Hii I am yeshwitha from India involve k-pop and I am interested in dance and singing I want to be a k-pop idol I born on 2007 I will speak well English and basic Korean language

  70. Hi. My name is Diksha. I am from Indai, Rajasthan. I am 14 years old. I like K-pop or z-pop, especially K-pop(BTS).I like there culture and food(especially saengseon). My talent is, I can dance,I can sing.I can speak 4 languages. And I know basic words of korean.

    1. Hello,
      My name is rani & I from India & I am big fan of zpop
      & I won’t to a part of zpop
      I also learn singing , dancing & acting also……
      My dream ……

  71. Is there any update for online audition in zpop. provide me with the information. Thank you

  72. Hii my name is srivalli and my age is 17. I can sing and dance. I can speak three languages. I love zstars. I also created channel in youtube for audition for zpop dream and I had posted some videos in it and some videos in glitsy app. I’m interested in zpop dream please give me one opportunity to prove myself.

  73. Hi I’m sikha a big fan of z- girls prinkya I’m from India Darjeeling I can sing , dance I’m born in 2008/12 /12, I can also talk korean allow me to dubt

  74. Hii myself soumili I ‘m an Indian, I do like kpop culture and got inspired by it my age is 14 and I am good at dancing and can sing well I can present myself as a model also I wanna be a zstar Or kpop idol and I want to debut I can speak English well and know the basic korean words also

  75. Hello, I’m Charu Singh and I love K-pop culture and I can dance and I can sing also better, trying to learn Korean by myself also and thanks for giving this golden opportunity to us. My age is 15

  76. Hello my name is jayiza from india and my age 14 i love kpop singer dancer and model even i can sing in korean and i can speak english and allow me to debut

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